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Answers to common questions about Bento and email marketing.

Below is a list of common questions and answers about Bento. If you can't find what you're looking for, please ask in Discord and we'll write it up. If you're looking for developer docs, you can find them here.

How to enable reply tracking?

Is there any way to recall emails that have been sent out?

Can I bulk delete subscribers in Bento?

Can you send emails from Bento chat?

How do I use a custom reply-to address with my email marketing?

What the best option to create specific sequences that target subscribers based on their interests?

What is the daily sending limit?

Gmail has detected an unusual rate of unsolicited mail. Got this message today? Here's how to deal with it!

How to disable link and open tracking

My open rate dropped significantly. How can I debug this?

Webflow Form Guide

Why is it necessary to get my Bento account approved?

How to create a simple HTML form

How to open Bento Chat on specific pages?

Why should I setup Sender Authentication and how is that done?

How can I import templates from Stripo to Bento?

Can I paywall my content using Bento?

What is the "bots" number in my email reports?

Can I add more sites to my account?

Is there a referral program similar to Sparkloop I could use?

How to redirect unsubscribes to a custom "goodbye" page

Do I need an email inbox warmup tool?

Why aren’t my preview emails being delivered?

My subscriber says they did not receive email, but it’s marked as opened - what has happened?

Can an event trigger multiple times in a Flow?

Why and how should I clear my subscription list?

Why do I need my own domain to send on Bento?

Can I send too much email or too many newsletters?

How can I improve my email deliverability?

Where is double opt-in required?

What is good or bad spam content score?

Is there a way to add custom fonts?

If I switch my address how will it affect my deliverability?

How to change the brand color and logo on unsubscribe pages

How do I move my tracking pixel (to the top)?

Track Elementor Forms with Webhooks

How to compare two time periods with Liquid

How to send SMS (or WhatsApp messages) in Bento

How to capture Leads with Elementor and send them to Bento

Custom List Management Guide

Shoji Editor Guide

Tracking Across Subdomains

Turn off automated form tracking

Integrating Bento into Make

ConvertBox allows renaming of passable URL Parameters

Setting up BIMI

Bento JS SDK

Recommended Tag Naming Convention

Disable Exporting of Contacts (Enterprise)

How to add Shopify shipment information in your emails

How to tag and identify people via a URL link

How to render blog posts in your emails using RSS

How to fetch JSON data from an API and display it in your email using Liquid

How to send Bento Survey Form data to a 3rd party site using Webhooks

How to convert a Sequence to a Broadcast

Overview of Survey Forms

Blog post reminder flow

Working with Email Layouts

How to make your plain text emails dark mode compatible?

What is a Tag Group and how do you use it?

How to create custom fields for your subscribers

Importing your subscribers into Bento

How to set up a Post-Purchase Sequence in Bento

How to track and convert high intent visitors with Workflows

Send Magento 2 Order & Abandoned Cart data to Bento with Webhooks

How to implement an Abandoned Cart Popup

How to re-engage old subscribers using Bulk Operations and Sequences

Send AidaForm form submissions to Bento with Webhooks

Send Reform form submissions to Bento with Webhooks

Send Typeform form submissions to Bento with Webhooks

Track giveaway leads in Bento with Webhooks

How to allow subscribers to cancel an email sequence without unsubscribing from your whole list

Installing Bento on a Ruby on Rails project

How to change your sender/from email address

Billing at Bento

What are teams in Bento?

What are sites in Bento?

How to decrease your spam score

My emails are going to spam?

Sender Authentication in Bento

How can I cancel my Bento account?

How to debug low open rates

Alternatives to your physical address

How to find the best sending times specific to your audience?

What is an email prefix and domain?

Create a Zendesk Ticket with Webhooks

Create a Lead with Webhooks

Create a Trello Card with Webhooks

Getting Started with Webhooks

Connect Bento to Stripe

Sending events with Zapier

Installing Bento on Shopify

How to add custom HTML or change styling of a plain text email

How can I add an unsubscribe url?

How should I set up sending in batches?

My email preview isn't being delivered

What are visitors, events, emails, tags, segments, and ads?

How to use tags in Bento