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How to tag and identify people via a URL link

Every now and again, we have users who utilise a wide range of plugins and setups.

Whilst Bento's automatic tracking does a fairly good job at picking up most form submissions, it can't track everything.

An interesting solution to solve this problem is URL tracking. Bento detects very simple parameters added to the URL when it is loaded. It'll then add data to all future events on that page.

Below is a few examples. Any questions, reach out on Discord.

The following will identify a user and all their future events on that page.[email protected]

The following will add their name as a custom field. Additionally, it will split it into first and last name too. Hanley

If you would like to add more custom fields, you can pass a JSON blob in the parameters and we'll track that.{"first_name": "Jesse", "test_field": "test_answer"}

If you would like to tag a visitor, via an event, the following URL is a great way to do it. Note: it takes multiple tags separated via a comma.,lead,mql

Hope this helps!