Why is Bento better than Drip?

The main difference: Drip is a confusing product that doesn't know where it belongs. Initially, it was designed for SaaS and, more recently, has focused on eCommerce. It hasn't done a great job at either. Additionally, they constantly hike prices (a quick Google will show you their history) without warning or empathy. So, if you're looking at pushing the boundaries of your business with a partner who cares choose Bento as your marketing platform.

(Updated: 8/6/20)

Email Marketing Plan
$ 0.01
Per contact, per month
$ 0.038
Per contact, per month
Web Tracking
Workflow Automation
Web Personalization
Web A/B Testing
Email Automation
Email Broadcasts
Email Sequences
SMS (powered by Twilio)
Live Chat
Team Inbox
2-Way SMS
Business Intelligence Tooling
Data Visualizations
Ecommerce LTV Analytics
Usage Reporting
Advertising Analytics
Custom Dashboards
Daily Email Digests
North Star Metrics
Data Explorer

Why people are choosing Bento instead of Drip?

  • You will save money..
    Depending on what you replace with Bento you could possibly save hundreds or thousands off your monthly marketing stack bill. We know one customer saving $10, 000 per month off theirs.
  • You will be respected..
    We know how hard it is to build a business online and we want to be there with you all the way — whether your starting or a gearing up to an IPO — the team is dedicated to getting you there. No challenge is too hard for our team.
  • You will create better marketing..
    In Bento you can focus on getting the job done and move faster than ever before. Say goodbye to alt-tabbing and mismanaged automation chaos.

Unlike Drip, Bento aspires to do more than just report usage and send messages. Browse the list of features below and see what other apps, other than Drip, you could replace in your software — saving you time, money and speed. Questions? Talk to us on live chat.

Get started with Bento

With all your marketing in one place you'll be able to ship faster and be confident that your customers are getting the right experience. Say goodbye to sticky tapped solutions and welcome the Bento way of marketing.