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Bento vs. Product Comparison

There is a difference between the two tools. Below is a quick glance at them.

Anonymous Event Tracking
Track the journey before someone signs up.
Identified Event Tracking
Track the journey after someone signs up.
Send targeted emails to many people at once.
Send a series of emails based on behaviour.
Automate the process of sending email, SMS, and live chats.
Live Chat
Chat with your subscribers in real-time.
Let customers reply to your broadcasts and reply to them in one place.
Drag and Drop Editor
Design beautiful emails with a drag and drop editor.
Plain Text Editor
Write emails that look personal and from you.
Batched + Paused Sending
Send email slowly over time and pause real-time sends.
Free Email Validation
Ensure you're only emailing people with valid emails.
Spam Email Validation
Easily counter spammers from list bombing your account.
RSS, JSON, and API Support (in Emails)
Load dynamic content from external sources and APIs.
Email Layouts
Save your email designs and reuse them.
Use tags to differentiate your subscribers.
Custom Fields
Add custom fields to your subscribers.
Segment your subscribers based on their behaviour.
Survey Forms
Capture information about your visitors nad subscribers with dynamic forms.
Ad Tracking
Track ad performance and conversions.
A/B Testing
Test difference customer journeys tailored to each subscriber.
Commerce Tracking
Track your sales, orders, and revenue.
Subscriber Export/Import
Bring data in and out of the platform.
Bulk Operations
Run large data changes on your subscriber data.
Discord Community
Join other marketers and get fresh ideas as they happen.
Open Office Hours
Join regular office hours to get your questions answered.

When comparing Bento with people typically ask the following questions before they make the switch to Bento

I am on a grandfathered plan. Can you match it?
Yes, we can match your plan with a competitor but it depends a tiny bit as we want to ensure we're profitable with every deal we do (i.e we don't match AppSumo deals). Just send us an invoice so we can confirm that we can do it.
Can I bring all my data to Bento?
It depends on how you've set things up but generally yes. During migration we can help you port all your setup over to Bento but may have to do it in a more 'Bento-way' as every platform is different.
Can I try before I buy?
Yes, we can try your plan for free for a month. If you don't like what you see, just 1-click close your account.
How long does a migration take?
90% of migrations are done within a day. The remaining 10% depends on the complexity of your automations, mostly.
Do you offer startup or charity plans?
We do offer charity discounts and we offer discounts to bootstrapped startups.
Do you charge based on emails?
Nope! Just identified visitors (unique count of visitors with emails). We try not to micro-manage your pricing.
Are there any hidden fees?
Nope! You pay for identified visitors and that's it.

How does Bento compare to other competitors?

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