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Long-form thoughts on email, spam, marketing, and more, collected in chronological order.

Bento on Air: We All SOFTFAIL A Little Sometimes

In this episode of the podcast, I talk about an experience I had dealing with SOFTFAIL errors — it cost me thousands! — and how to debug them. I also...

Bento on Air: Tracking Pixels Trickery

In this episode, we discuss the topic of tracking pixels and their implementation in email marketing. The host shares a recent experience where a cus...

The Importance of Email File Size

Let us take you through the basics of email file size by sharing some tips on how to reduce the size of your emails and the images inside them.

A Guide on Email Popups

Learn what email popups are, why they are effective, and how to make one, alongside examples from famous brands.

7 Remarkable Copywriting Examples

Get inspired by these remarkable copywriting examples from both e-commerce and email marketing that will hopefully help you come up with an attractiv...

Limited Time Offer Email Campaigns

Learn how to use the tactics of limited-time offers to encourage prospective buyers to act and get shoppers back from abandoned carts.

7 Promotional Email Examples and Why They Work

Promotional emails are the backbone of every retailer’s email marketing campaign. Learn all the basics of promotional emails, why they work in the fi...

Why Emails Go to Spam and How to Prevent It

Discover the most common reasons why your emails go to spam, and multiple ways in which you can prevent this from happening again.

Getting Your Avatar To Show in Gmail

Learn how to get your avatar to show in Gmail so you can leave a good first impression, as well as how to set up BIMI in your email.

What Is Dynamic Email Content?

Learn more about dynamic email content, why it's important, and how it works. We'll also explore the different types of dynamic email content and see...

Ecommerce Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing still brings a significant revenue stream to ecommerce businesses despite all the *email-marketing-is-dead* announcements. You have p...

Test your email marketing strategy

If you run a quick search on the internet about marketing tips for your email campaigns or any other type of marketing campaign, I am sure that what ...

How to Do Effective Mass Email Marketing

Learn the best practices that'll help you do effective mass email marketing and ultimately increase your conversions and revenue.

Why Are My Emails Getting Blocked?

You emails might be getting blocked for various reasons, so click on the link to find what they are and how prevent this from happening again.

Growing your email list — the right way

Growth hacks, Hacks, Tactics. What do they have in common? The promise of achieving your goals faster. You don't need to put hours of labor in: testi...

Retention Emails — Why and How to do it.

We have this notion that just because our customers are paying us every month or have an annual plan, they are happy and will continue to be our cust...

The Zen Art of a SaaS Onboarding Emails

Looking for ways to boost retention early on in the relationship of a new sign-up and customer? Take some inspiration from FOMO and Bento; two compan...

Double opt-in or single opt-in?

Knowing which one to choose is tricky business. We try and help show you how to think about picking the right option for you.

All You Need to Know About Email Broadcasts

Email broadcasts are emails sent to all the people on your email list. Here you can read about the types of email broadcasts, as well as some of the ...