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Introducing Bento's New Transactional Email API

Bento delivers your transactional emails on time, every time. Beta API access is now available by request.

5-minute setup

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Start sending using our infrastructure in minutes.

We've worked hard to create a bundle of libraries that allows you to start sending from Bento's email infrastructure in minutes, not days. Confused at any step of the setup? Talk to our team in Discord and we'll guide you along the way.

Inbox user interface

Say goodbye to slow delivery and poor inbox placement.

All emails sent over the Transactional Email API go into seperate, priority sending queues that use auto-scaling to deliver emails fast. Additionally, we use dedicated transactional IP ranges to ensure your delivery remains strong regardless of your marketing efforts.

Inbox user interface

Consolidate your email stack and simplify email investigations.

By leveraging just Bento, you'll save money and simplify your email stack. Easily know when, where and how an email got delivered to any recipient.

Inbox user interface