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Send Reform form submissions to Bento with Webhooks

Connect Reform to Bento via a webhook and send all new form submission events in a webhook payload to Bento.

  1. To create a new webhook for one of your forms, navigate to the Integrations page in Reform.

  2. If this is your first webhook, scroll down to the webhook section and click Add Integration. If you have already added an existing webhook, ensure the webhook toggle is on. Then click the settings icon to add a webhook.

    Reform - Integrations

  3. Paste the following URL into the webhook field (make sure to add your Bento site UUID to the URL):

  4. Click Add. Your newly added webhook will appear above in the Active hooks section:

    Reform - Add a webhook

Now, every time a new event happens (such as a new form submission), Reform will send a webhook to Bento containing the form submission data. Here's an example JSON payload:

  "type": "form.submitted",
  "id": "e37e6e48-fceb-4cba-9404-1ae6aabcea3f",
  "occurred_at": "2021-05-25T04:56:26+00:00",
  "payload": {
    "form": {
      "id": "bbe7930f-04cd-4b0d-b858-7c7cf1b5a86f",
      "created_at": "2021-05-25T04:53:12+00:00",
      "name": "Breakfast survey"
       "link": ""
    "submission": {
      "id": "8d68278b-046d-4692-93df-3126e7a122ca",
      "created_at": "2021-05-25T04:56:26+00:00",
      "answers": {
        "7f5b0169-0ae0-4256-929b-262c3f38af40": {
          "id": "f98665cb-05e8-452b-a746-05fd026b06bc",
          "question": "What's your name?",
          "answer": "Peter Suhm"
        "5016fd53-f3e8-4ea1-9d79-66cc4e592adf": {
          "id": "b1a6f197-76b9-4387-9168-967a5dec4237",
          "question": "What's your email?",
          "answer": "[email protected]"
        "0a1c6425-67ed-4e29-ba76-a4f003f6d0a2": {
          "id": "44a7c70e-bfee-4dbd-a762-49c85839ec03",
          "question": "What did you have for breakfast?",
          "answer": "A fried egg"