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Can I add more sites to my account?

Absolutely, it is possible to include multiple websites under your Bento account. To add a new site, simply navigate to the team page ( and click on the "Add Site" button.

From there, you can enter the URL of the new site and give it a name. Once you've added the new site, Bento will generate a tracking code that you'll need to add to the website's code in order to start tracking data.

As we charge at the team level, each additional site created is free.

When it's billing time, we'll count up users across all sites to create a single number and charge you for that. For instance, if you have 100 contacts spread over five sites, you'll still be charged only $30 per month since the total number of contacts is under 3,000.

Therefore, managing multiple websites has never been more straightforward and cost-effective with Bento's streamlined platform.