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Alternatives to your physical address

Just because you work from home, doesn’t mean you need to add your home address to the emails you send out in order to meet the CAN-SPAM requirement.

Here are a few ways you could work around this__:__

Use your work address if you have one (a pretty obvious option!)

Get a P.O Box. For about $100/year, you could get a post office box where you can receive mail.

UPS Services. You can get the same P.O Box service without having to set up an actual P.O box. Just check with your local UPS store for details on how to set it up and the prices.

Co-working Spaces. If you are working out of a co-working space, this is a fantastic option for you. Just check with them about their policies or receiving any mail on your behalf.

Or if you have a generous friend, ask if you can use the address or their office!