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Where is double opt-in required?

To comply with the legal requirements of certain countries, advertisers must follow a double opt-in process to receive marketing and performance emails for those users.

This simply involves confirming their email address when they opt in to these types of emails.

The last we checked, the countries where double opt-in is mandatory include Austria, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Norway.

If you have a subscriber whose billing address is in any of these countries, you must confirm your email address to subscribe to marketing emails. You can do this with a custom Flow in Bento that only does double opt-in for those regions.

Feel free to ask questions in the Discord if you get lost or want help putting it together.

It’s important to stay informed about the laws and regulations that apply to your subscribers to ensure compliance as the responsibility is in your hands.

Note: If you are attempting to use double opt-in to stop form abuse we recommend reaching out to our team as we will be able to help you stop and block this.