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Can an event trigger multiple times in a Flow?

When it comes to utilizing Triggers in Flows, it's important to note that having multiple triggers is not only acceptable but even encouraged!

It's totally OK to have one event have two different paths doing two seperate things. Crazy right?

In fact, duplicating one of your triggers, such as the Started free trial trigger, can provide even more opportunities for personalized and targeted actions towards your users.

Here at Bento, we like to focus on creating short and clean Flows rather than creating complex and convoluted ones.

Think horizontally instead of vertically.

This means having a singular path that leads to onboarding and another path that performs a check before sending an email. By keeping these paths concise and focused, you can ensure that users receive only the most relevant and helpful content.

However, there are also alternative ways to approach this. For example, you could opt to perform the check at the beginning of the sequence and have both the true and false paths lead to the onboarding sequence. This can provide additional opportunities for engagement and interaction with your users.