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What are teams in Bento?

In Bento, teams are the way that we handle permissions and sites. A team can have many users invited to it and those users can access the many sites under the team.

Billing always aggregates to the team layer.

Most people are happy with just one team but, after awhile, you may find yourself needing to create a new team and as a result a new billing account. This is true mostly for consultants and agencies.

To create a new team on your dashboard click “Add Team”.

You’ll then go into an on-boarding flow to create your new team. You’ll also be forced to start a new billing plan.

If you want to invite more people to this team (or your first team) click “Send Invitation”. When the person is added they’ll receive an email to join. The email is friendly, generic, mostly unbranded and will guide them through the process. When they click on the button, they'll register an account with Bento and have FULL ACCESS to all sites under that team.They will not have access to billing, invoices or credit card information.