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My email preview isn't being delivered

Sometimes you draft an email broadcast, hit preview, but it doesn't get delivered.

You're left scratching your head.

And whilst Bento tries it's hardest to tell you upfront what could be wrong it doesn't catch everything. Each week we ship more features to reduce the anxiety in this area but the scope of our product is so large that some personal debugging on your end may be required.

Below is a list of reasons that a broadcast or sequence might fail to deliver a preview.

Your Liquid isn't valid.

In Bento, we provide the option to write Liquid variables in your email to personalize them.

Sometimes though our users write invalid Liquid which breaks the rendering of the email and as a result doesn't send. This can occur in the title, inbox preview, author name, or email content itself.

An example we saw today was a user wrote {% end %] instead of {% end %} in their email title and, whilst it's a minor mistake, it stopped Bento from processing the preview email.

To check if your Liquid is valid use the Command Palette (SHIFT + /) and search for "Liquid Tester". You can do this anywhere in the app. Then just add your Liquid and it will tell you if your Liquid is valid or not.

Scan each link and double check they are all closed correctly. Our email broadcast feature provides an automated check on the last step.

You have incorrect DKIM or sender authentication settings.

A small portion of our users request setting up sender authentication to increase their delivery rates and sign each email.

There may be a chance that your DKIM or DNS records are incorrect. Give them a check over and if you need help just contact support.

Your email is landing in spam.

For a small portion of our users, mainly those using ZOHO or Google Business, sending unsigned emails (those not using sender authentication or have set up DKIM) will land you right into the spam folder.

This is expected as providers like Google or ZOHO don't want their users being phished by scammers who use email marketing providers to impersonate their users.

Contact support to organize setting up sender authentication for your account.