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How to redirect unsubscribes to a custom "goodbye" page

Providing a positive offboarding experience is just as important as having a smooth onboarding process for your users. One way to make the unsubscribe process a bit more pleasant is to redirect users to a page that thanks them for their time and offers them the opportunity to re-subscribe in the future.

In Bento, it's easy to set this up. Just add an environment variable called unsubscribe_redirect_url and set the value to the URL where you want your unsubscribed users to land. Once this is configured, any user who unsubscribes from your list will be automatically redirected to the URL you specified.

For example, if you wanted to redirect unsubscribed users to a survey form, you might set unsubscribe_redirect_url to "".

By providing a seamless and thoughtful offboarding experience, you can increase user trust and loyalty over the long term.