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If I switch my address how will it affect my deliverability?

When you switch your email address, the impact on deliverability depends on which part of the address you are changing.

If you are only changing the first part of the email address, which is the inbox (e.g. changing "[email protected]" to "[email protected]"), it should not have any impact on the deliverability of your emails.

However, if you are changing the second part of the address, which is your domain or sub-domain (e.g. changing "" to ""), it can have an impact on your deliverability. In this case, it is important to authenticate your new domain or sub-domain properly to ensure that your emails are recognized as legitimate and not marked as spam.

It is also important to note that using an original domain or sub-domain is crucial for maintaining good deliverability. Using a shared domain or sub-domain with other senders can negatively affect your reputation and deliverability. Therefore, it is recommended to use your own domain or sub-domain for sending emails