deliverability letter

Can I send too much email or too many newsletters?

Email frequency and consistency play an important role in ensuring high deliverability rates. While sending too many emails too frequently can trigger spam filters, infrequent and inconsistent email sending can also affect deliverability.

To maintain a good reputation as a secure sender, it is important to establish a consistent sending pattern such as emailing once per week or twice per month.

Sending emails at least once a week is a good starting point, as it shows mailbox providers that you are an active and reliable sender.

However, it's important to avoid sudden changes in your sending patterns as this can be seen as suspicious behavior.

For example, frequent sending over a short period of time, double sending (cough those who send to unengaged listscough), and large gaps between very frequent emails can negatively impact your deliverability rates.

We know that some of you have big yearly launches so, for those types of emailers, try to warm your way towards the big event by sending slow and ramping up.

In short, maintaining a steady and consistent sending pattern is key to improving your email deliverability rates.