deliverability letter

How to decrease your spam score

In Bento, we do a lot to protect people from recieving spam and unsolicited emails but, unlike our competitors, we try to give you some information on what we're checking so you can adjust your emails to improve their deliverability.

Below is a short list of things we check and will show a score based on:

  • Are IP addresses included in the email body?
  • Are long words can be used to hide spam?
  • Are mixed case strings being used?
  • Any naughty words?
  • Any words written without vowels?
  • Any unusual number/word combinations?
  • Any lame attempts at obfuscating urls?
  • Any prices in text?
  • Any script tags added?
  • Any shouting?
  • Any weird puncutation?
  • Any Spammy TLDs?
  • Any Square brackets?
  • Any a trailing cache busting number?
  • Any unusual characters?
  • Any long URLs and domains?
  • Any unusual use of punctuation?

Double check if you've accidentally triggered one of the above scores and re-run the spam score report by refreshing the page.