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Track giveaway leads in Bento with Webhooks

If you're running a giveaway with Vyper, you can track your leads in Bento with webhooks—here's how:

  1. In Vyper, go to the Settings tab: - Settings Tab

  2. Then click on Email Integrations & Webhooks: - Email Integrations & Webhooks

  3. Add the following webhook URL here (make sure to add your Bento site UUID to the URL): - Add a webhook

  4. And finally, click Send Test.

Here's the JSON payload that gets sent to Bento every time you get a new lead in Vyper.

"first_name": user's first name,
"last_name": user's last name,
"email": user's email,
"share link": the user's referral link (eg.,
"<additional_field1>": ,
"<additional_field2>": ,
"<additional_field3>": ,

Note: Additional fields may not get sent if you didn't set up any additional fields.