deliverability letter

My emails are going to spam?

Woah, that's not great.

First up, check if there is any chatter in the Discord group.

If there isn't then the issue might be isolated to just your account so let's debug together!

Emails going to spam is a pretty common issue when you switch providers.

If you are sending a preview email, to yourself, and it lands in spam this is expected if you do not have sending authentication setup.

This is to avoid people signing up to any ol' service and pretending to be you to phish information from your team.

Imagine if I could email someone on your team pretending to be you and ask them to pay an invoice that went to my bank account! Not good!

So, go setup sender authentication and this will be fixed.

If you have authenticated your domain but your emails are still going to spam you need to check your DKIM and DMARC records.

A lot of times when people move over they have old records setup from those providers which block us from being delivered. Double check your DKIM, SPF and DMARC records to ensure it's not blocking us.

If you are still going to spam, wait a few weeks and warm up correctly again.

Most email providers like Gmail and Yahoo store reputation for 30 or so days. If you go guns blazing and send them thousands of emails quickly they may not handle them like they used to. Especially if they see it coming from a new server.

To avoid this, warm up correctly and read our guide on batched sending. Go as slow as you can handle.

If that doesn't fix it, talk to support and let's debug the content together.

If people fail all the above fixes generally there may be an issue with your domain being blocked by spam providers. Let's figure that out together and fix it up!