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At this point you have new leads taking courses, customers signing up, people getting taught how to use your software and everything is happening completely automated. 
You should also be getting insanely valuable feedback from customers. Amazing! 
Well, what if you have more time or a team who is implementing all this? 
If you do, amazing! You have the bandwidth to now focus on regular update emails when you release new features or improvements to the software. 
For these, I personally think most software companies overcomplicate this and try way too hard to create pretty broadcasts that don't actually help the paying customer. 
I've adopted a similar approach to feature announcements as Ahrefs.com
Here's one of their announcements talking about a major update to their keyword database: 
Hey there,

We bring exciting news today in the form of a pretty big keyword database update.

Here's what's new:

Updated search volumes for 100M+ existing keywords;
Search volume trends now available till Sept 2020 (inclusive);
Historical search volume data extended to Sept 2015 (previously Mar 2017);
Added 10M+ new keywords (the search volume trend for these keywords might have started a few years ago, but they just didn't exist in our keyword database until now).

{{ screenshot on where to find it }} 

Have at it! ;)
- Rebekah from Ahrefs

I appreciate this email for a few reasons. It takes into account the fact that I'm flat out busy, often distracted, and don't have time to parse complexity. Ahrefs.com is a $50-75MM/ARR company - huge - but still follows the plain text format because they know it gets the message across, easily parsed by customers who just glance at it, and helps customers get their job done.
For almost all our SaaS customers, I would follow the exact same format and just casually release product announcements like this as you go along.