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Someone just cancelled 
One of the most annoying alerts to get when you're starting out but just a part of doing business as you get larger. 
If you've implemented all of our automation tips above you've probably done the best you can to keep them as a customer... 
... or have you?! 
This is when a good cancellation sequence can make all the difference. The goal here is engage, get feedback, and figure out how to stop future customers churning who have similar profiles to them. 
You're now shifting into investigator mode. 
Hey {{ visitor.first_name || default: "there" }}, I just noticed you cancelled! It's been processed and you will no longer get charged.

I had a quick question if you don't mind? 

What was the reason you signed up to {{ brand }} and why didn't it work out for you? 

Understand this really does help small businesses like mine get better and serve our customers more so any information, whether a few words or paragraphs, would be so appreciated. 

Can't wait to hear from you, 

CEO of Bento

PS: This email is automated - but replies really do go straight to me and I will reply to them.