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The Real-Time Personalization, Survey & Conversion Platform That Smart Marketers Choose To Drive More Revenue.

All growing websites run into the same fundamental problems. Every visitor feels anonymous, your messaging is all over the place, nothing is synced and you don't understand why users aren't converting. All you want is answers but they're nowhere to be found. Want some good news? You've found the answer: Bento.

Track every action your visitor's take.

Without any additional code, Bento tracks every user's page view, link click, button press, affiliate referral, UTM params, where they came from, how much they spent on your website and so, so much more.

Powered by Events & Bento.js API

Ask your users questions, get answers.

Stop guessing what your visitors are all about and get them to explicitly declare it for you using our survey builder. Using our survey builder you can dynamically refresh pages, take people to landing pages and tag them based on their answer. Works like magic.

Powered by Surveys & Tags

Tweak any element on your site.

Use our visual editor to update and enhance any element on the page. It's so good that you'll want to use it over your websites native editor. Want to code? We've got a great HTML/JS/CSS code editor for that.

Powered by Visual Editor & Code Editor

Build audiences based on anything.

Leverage the data you've collected to create hyper targeted audiences that you can market to. Group users by UTM params, location or anything you can think of then sync it to your CRM or eCRM.

Powered by Audiences

Deploy split tests in seconds.

Deploy your site changes and using our conversion tracking get visibility into your funnel, what exactly is going on and monitor how your changes are performing at every step of the customer journey.

Powered by A/B Testing

When you use Bento your only limit as a marketer is now just your imagination.

Our team has always had a wild imagination when it comes to marketing campaigns and to pull off some of those crazy interactions, that have earned clients millions of dollars in revenue, we've built a platform that enables you to:

... and that's just a handful of the things you can do with Bento. If we can't pull off your crazy marketing idea, we want to talk to you and work out how we can do it. We live and breath good marketing.

One tool, one price.

Bento replaces the need for 4-5 separate tools that all charge per visitor or event. As you work hard to grow your business, you'll save thousands with us.

Unlimited sites, unlimited users.
Track and understand every user's unique journey.
With our robust event tracking.

Drive sales with personalization and engaging surveys.
Have your site adapt in real-time to who the user is and how they behave.

Easily test your assumptions.
With our flexible A/B testing platform.

    What you get:
  • ✅ Visitor tracking
  • ✅ Real-time personalization
  • ✅ A/B split testing
  • ✅ Flexible surveys
  • ✅ User analytics
  • ✅ Live notifications
  • ✅ Email automation
  • ✅ Email capture
  • ✅ Heatmaps
  • ✅ Zapier integration
  • ... and so much more!

 Starting from $39/month 
With predictable plans as you scale.

VWO: A/B testing
Starting from $49/month
RightMessage: personalization
Starting at $99/month
Hotjar: heatmaps and user insights
$29/month once you get traffic
Survicate: surveys
$49.00/month for 500 responses
UseProof: activity notification
$79.00/month for 10,000 visitors

 Over $250/month for 50k visits/mo 
… multiplied as you grow.

Developer? You're in good company.

We're developers ourselves so to make things easier on us we built a powerful javascript API through Bento.js. Whether it's firing off custom events with bento.track("Some Action", {some_key: "Some Value"});, identifying users with bento.identify('[email protected]'); or tagging people on the fly with bento.tag('Some Tag'); we have you covered. Integrate easily into any application.

Want all your data easily accessible? Just ask via support. Our API is open for you to do what you want with the data.

An editor so good that your whole team will want to use it as the main way to edit your website.

After trying almost every A/B split testing, personalization and landing page builder on the web we realised that there was a fundamental problem with how they were all designed. None of them would ever let you actually edit on your website.

Motivated by bad design in the market, we set out to build and integrate a visual editor that will blow your socks off. And yes, we really do have customers that use it instead of their main editor.

How is Bento different from other analytics tools? Well, for starters, we never meant to build this.

The problem has always been there.

The minute your website starts reaching a larger audience the message becomes blurred. You stop knowing who exactly you're talking to and get lost in the noise being able to work out how you're actually acquiring each customer. It's all too frustrating and leaves you with your head flat on the table.

At our agency, for each client we were deploying multiple SaaS products to get the job done but everything just felt too fragmented – we apparently had everything we needed but why was it so hard to actually do anything with it?

We could capture tens of millions of data points, but what's the point if you can't make it do anything?

Sure, digging in to find insights was nice, but we wanted all our clients to be able to pull off personalization and interactions our large Fortune 500 clients could pull off. The ones with large engineering and growth marketing teams.

That's why we built Bento.

To make Fortune 500 personalization, testing & interactive design accessible to any marketer who wanted to commit to the process.

At first, it started out as our own internal tool for clients to help uncover different traits about their users and then empower them to easily change how those users navigated through the website.

It was a combination of little code snippets that would help change a headline or two on a landing page based on campaign UTMs and became more complex when we were changing offers based on behaviour or referring domains (like with affiliates).

Over time that evolved into a powerful rules engine that looks, in real-time, at all on-site behaviour (like pages viewed, referring domain, query string params, tagging, etc) and even your ESP/CRM backend data (leveraging a deep integration with Zapier & Segment), that then enabled us to easily make content changes (replace text, hide an element, swap out an image, show unique offers, etc) that left our users and clients blown away.

When we started to see that anonymous visitors who had a more personal, unique experience converted better than ones who didn't we got excited. So after a couple of months working hard, we packaged the product into what it is today and slapped a price on it. We're really proud of what we've put together that even if no one else used it, we'd still work on it everyday.

If you're a marketer or product owner who enjoys getting their hands dirty with their marketing, we'd love for you to give Bento a shot.

It's a really special product, for people just like us: technical marketers who just wanted something that did more than track their users. If you have any questions before getting started, we'd be happy to answer them. We aim to be the bar you measure customer service by.

Tested on over 100+ platforms

Bento arms you with a suite of tools to increase your sales, convert more leads and track your success every step of the way. Get up and running in 37 seconds to start converting your visitors into lifelong customers.