Email marketing and customer support tools, that work beautifully together, for brands built on Shopify or Stripe.

Manage every touchpoint of your customers experience inside one app.

Meet Bento: the smarter way to interact with your customers.

Bento replaces 4-5 apps that all charge separately per subscriber or agent. Start saving money and buy your time back with a workflow you'll fall in-love with.

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Every interaction with your customers automatically tracked, tagged and archived.

Tying your web, advertising, email and SMS marketing with your customer experience and analytics software gives you an unprecedented 360° view on your customers like never before.

Messages sent at the right time, personalized perfectly to their profile.

Design experiences to create more paying subscribers, and help people get value out of your product or service.

  • Behavior-based triggers & automations
  • Personalized content using the Liquid template language
  • Plain text, markdown and drag-and-drop editors
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Provide customer service across all channels using a single app.

Connect your support emails, social media accounts and more to manage your conversations in a single app. Be where your customers want you to be and respond quickly.

  • Hotkey support for professional support teams
  • Consolidate multiple profiles into one
  • Tags, assignment, email notifications and so much more!
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Track LTV, CAC, CVR and critical metrics for your business

Know your numbers in your business at both a high and granular level.

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Flexibility like no other tool

Easily auto-tag, match and modify events so that Bento works exactly how you want it.

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Real-time data sync

As your customers and visitors browse your app, access that data in real-time across Bento. We maintain less than a 200ms queue time.

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Unlimited team members and sites

Whether your a freelancer working with a brand or a brand working with a team launch unlimited sites and add everyone to collaborate.

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Analytics, dashboards and customizable reports

Choose from hundreds of report variations to create a dashboard tailored to your businesses needs. Want a report? Just ask!

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Your brand, your design.

Throughout all aspects of Bento we’ve ensured that our customers have unlimited control over how each object looks and feels.

Become a better brand.

Save hundreds today, thousands as you grow.

Used by eCommerce professionals and teams around the world to help them do the best work of their careers.

Because we’ve been there before and are there now too, we know what you need to run a successful commerce business in 2019.