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Smart eCommerce and software marketers choose Bento to manage every email, conversation, and customer touchpoint, in one place, without needing to stitch multiple tools together.
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Bento is the Complete Toolkit for Customer Journey Marketing

Marketing is increasingly challenging when everything is spread out across different apps connected loosely by flimsey integration tape. Things get lost, customers get mixed messaging, you don’t know what's working, and your team start to make mistakes.
It's at this point, people switch to Bento.

All the things you love
  • Send email, SMS & chat in one place
  • Respond to customers in real-time
  • Automate all your marketing
  • Capture emails with pop-ups
  • Report on conversions in real-time
  • Accurately track your marketing ROI
  • Simple, predictable pricing
  • Community-driven development
  • Lightning fast customer support
  • Easy integrations and setup
None of the things you hate
  • Confusing pricing plans
  • Upset customers missing emails
  • Landing in spam folders
  • Unsure about your automations
  • Uncertainty about delivery
  • Expensive add-ons or extras
  • Slow and unhelpful support
  • Slow product development
  • Buggy interfaces

Stop alt-tabbing between apps and move faster with your marketing.

Everything is together and deeply connected in Bento, you’ll easily see where everything is, understand exactly what marketing your customers are impacted by, and know exactly if it's all working.
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Anonymous tracking

Track the entire customer journey from first touch to conversion.


Ecommerce enabled

Deep integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce, and more!


Ad tracking

Know exactly which ads a customer looked at before purchasing.


Free email validation

Bento's built in Spam API will keep your list sparkling clean.


Email warm-up tools

Send in batches and increase your delivery rates significantly.


Advanced segmentation

Create data-driven audiences based on who, what, where, and when.


Powerful automations

Build dynamic, event-driven automations in real-time.


SMS + Live Chat + Social

Engage with your customers where they want to engage.


Logic board

Dynamically change a visitors profile based on what they are doing.


Unlimited support inboxes

Only Bento let's you manage your entire support inbox in one place.


Two way conversations

Talk directly to your customers when they respond to your marketing.


Live chat

Talk to your customers as they are browsing your website.


Community driven

We build features alongside our customers in the open on Discord. This is a core reason why Bento is loved by many.


Free migrations

Got a big email list with another provider? No worries! Our team will handle the migration for you and bring over the data.


Amazing support

Invite your whole team to our community Discord channel to get round the clock support.


Free Blacklist Checks

We've built real-time blacklist monitoring into our service so you know when your domain is listed.


Global Blocklist

Leverage Bento's network to protect your list from unwanted and bad actors.


Fast JS Embed

Pick exactly how much (or how little) Bento code you want to run on your site for optimal performance.

You'll be surprised how much you replace and save.

On average, people replace 2-3 tools they're already paying for when they switch to Bento. With less integrations, less headaches and less mistakes you'll move faster than ever before.

Understand the journey.

Bento gives you a complete, searchable dataset of every interaction your visitors have with your brand - from the moment they arrive from an ad, anonymously, to when they place their order β€” enabling you to finally understand exactly how each customer came to covert and what to do to make it happen more often.

Inbox user interface

Automate your messaging.

With Bento's beautiful visual automation builder you can create custom visitor journeys that feel personal to each visitor. Whether you want to send a post purchase SMS, change what customers see on your site based on the products they've bought or create a high converting welcome sequence it can all be done in Bento!

Engage with your customers.

Whether you're talking to a customer about their latest order or chatting to people who are responding to your latest newsletter, Bento has you covered. Bento Conversations helps you talk directly to your customers, leads and prospects across any channel.

Inbox user interface

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