Bento v1.1 Unagi Release — Read Patch Notes

Seriously powerful email marketing and customer support tools, for growing brands built on Shopify or Stripe.

Manage every touchpoint and conversation with your customers inside one app.

Companies radically improve their customer experience, simplify their marketing stacks, make less mistakes, and save money with Bento.

Join the movement of companies who are fed up with overpaying for tools that don't work seamlessly together.

The #1 reason eCommerce shops, SaaS companies, agencies, media companies, and non-profits choose Bento is to simplify their business and deliver a better customer experience.

When you work in Bento, you'll find all the tools you need to grow, promote and scale your business as well as support that growth. By using Bento's all-in-one platform, you no longer need to piece together multiple costly subscriptions to get your job done.

Better yet, your team will no longer need to switch between multiple tools to fully understand your customers.

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