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Used at scale by serious marketers — like Bulldog.

“There was so much we wanted to do with our clients but felt restricted by the software they were using. Bento works out of the box — and it solves such a massive headache in such a beautiful way. Just add the script, it starts tracking everything and then we can apply (+ test) our creative ideas in seconds.”

Gareth Bull

Gareth BullFounder, BulldogAward Winning
U.K Agency

How Bento Works

1. Start Tracking.

Add one script and we handle the rest.

Whether you’re selling content, services, or newsletter access just add our easy to embed script or install our plugins to popular services like WordPress and start seeing the data flow in. Start getting a clear vision on how your users use your product.

  • Script takes 5-seconds to install
  • Works out of the box on any platform
  • Track any event or conversion you want
  • Concierge setup if you can't do it yourself
              $(function() {
                // Have an email address? Identify them!

                // Custom events? Fire them off!
                bento.track("Purchase", {price: 999});

                // Taggin is now here!
                bento.tag('Some Tag');

                // Track every click, pageview and form submission


2. Segment Your Audience.

Turn raw data into distinct groups.

Starting grouping users based on similar behaviour and attributes, labelling them in ways that actually makes sense. Our segment tool is flexible and designed to not get in your way. Finally, full freedom to segment MORE than just pageviews.

  • Flexible tagging system
  • Auto-tagging tool based on flexible criteria
  • Preloaded segments for popular platforms
  • Sync with Facebook Ads for advanced retargeting
  • Sync with Google audiences for dynamic display ads

3. Start Personalizing.

Update headlines, images and more!

Now that you have your segments all setup, you can start personalizing. Whether you want to start firing off in-app messages, change a headline, update an image or show a new CTA our customization tool makes this a trivial task. So simple that you'll only be limited by your creativity.

  • Visual editor for non-technical marketers
  • Code editor for the dev team
  • Perform global or single page changes
  • No limitations on what you can do

Bonus: Test Your Assumptions!

Launch A/B tests to confirm your assumptions.

We've built a split testing platform that allows you to bundle groups of customizations and have users join either the test or the control. Track against conversions to see if you're moving the needle.

  • Easy test setup and monitoring
  • Track against real business metrics
  • Track hard dollar values (purchases) easily

Works out of the box with any platform that powers your money machine online