Bento is a fast, opionated marketing automation & analytics platform that helps eCommerce professionals get their job done. Fast.

Everything you need to build your dream customer experience using email, SMS and dynamic web personalization — all in one place — with less hassle, integrations, and silly busy-work. Bento is the gold standard for communicating with customers, understanding their behaviour, optimizing the customer journey, and selling more product.

Deploy with confidence and become your team's marketing hero today.

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Fast and scalable

Bento is built for power, productivity and scale meaning whether your have one customer or millions we can handle your traffic. The fastest way to browsing event data, filtering through customers, and find the information you need.

Cost effective at any size

We've found the sweet spot for pricing for our customers. Whether you switch over from your existing ESP completely OR just add us to your stack for our personalization and survey features, you'll find yourself receiving more value than any other tool on day one.

Flexible by design

Bento works with all businesses and marketing stacks, so you can keep using your existing tools easily. As you add Bento, you'll find yourself removing and cancelling other subscriptions one by one until you're using us for everything.

"The visitor view is just ridiculous. I'm finding I pull out insights that fix or improve the customer journey of my customers on an almost daily basis."

When you start using Bento, after the first day or two you'll begin to realise why hundreds of merchants say that they would never build another store without installing us first.

Our data collection and reporting is second to none, allowing you to dive deep into your visitors behaviour to truly understand why they converted, what road blocks they hit during the buying process and seeing every marketing touch point they've recieved from your business.

Event data has never been this easy to navigate, segment and filter. For the first time ever, understand the complete picture in your business.

Bento makes personalization your brands strong suit.

Bento gives you the flexibility to pull off any level of personalization you want using surveys, email, SMS (invite only), web personalization and so much more. Leverage rich data of your visitors, both through custom fields and tags, to ensure your messaging is always on target.

Add Power Ups to enrich your data with company information, names, gender and more without even having to ask your visitors a question.

In the time we've spent building Bento, countless people have told us that using the product has felt like it has given them super powers.

What was a block before, is no longer — it's time to unleash your creativity.

Built to help you get your job done, faster.

We were sick of tools that got in our way whenever we were working on marketing campaigns, so we have dedicated our lives to building an app that helped us get our jobs done faster than ever before.

From quick saving segments, to building custom reports, to using hotkeys, to preloading data before you log in so our database is warm to query, you'll find yourself blitzing through our app to get answers or deploy campaigns in seconds.

Developed passionately for the eCommerce obsessed, by the eCommerce obsessed

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