Bento helps growing eCommerce businesses make more money through elegant apps & education.

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Want To Double Your E-Commerce Profits Without Harming Your Brand's Reputation?

Join us crafting experiential e-commerce solutions that blow your customers socks right off!

Onigiri-sized apps that won't only boost your profits but will also leave your shoppers with a smile on their face.

We call it experiential e-commerce. It's for those who aren't satisfied by just making a quick buck but are also busy building a real brand.

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The Birth of Bento.

Bento is the brainchild of Jesse Hanley (CEO of Backpack Internet, Managing Partner of Rankingpress) and Tommy van Rheeden (Head of Paid Media at Rankingpress).

Over the years of working with clients we grew dissatisfied with the lack of consumer-friendly software solutions to optimize our clients' e-commerce funnels.

We were convinced we could do better, so we started building our own.

We're currently fine-tuning our first set of apps with our willing clients. It's almost time to set them free, so businesses like yours could profit from them as well.

More Profits And Happier Customers

Coming from a performance marketing background, we're acutely aware of the importance of profitability. It's what we live and die by (well, almost ...).

But we believe that too much focus on these easy-to-measure metrics often takes away at the harder to measure metrics, like your store's brand reputation. But they are just as important, if not more.

Yes, a giant modal pop-up can easily grow your email list threefold. But it will also leave your website visitors frustrated by yet another disruptive marketing hack. This hurts your brand and your business in the long run, even while your short-term numbers don't show it. Yet.

We believe there's a better way. A way to boost your store's profits while also leaving your customers with a smile on their face.

Before, during, and after purchasing.

We call it Experiential E-Commerce.

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