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Every touchpoint and conversation with your customers inside one app.

Match ads to customer emails in real-time, send data-driven newsletters, personalize your landing pages based on over 100 different variables including weather or time of day, chat to customers, and so much more. Designed for fast moving marketing and advertising teams who care about attribution, data accuracy and team efficiency.

Works on all platforms with native integrations for Shopify, Shopify Plus and Ruby on Rails

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Designed for people who spend day and night thinking about selling online.

This product is the result of tens of thousands of hours working in the trenches building sites, launching ad campaigns and making better experiences for our customers. Each feature was built as needed — for ourselves. After some time, we found ourselves slowly installing less and less other products until Bento did everything we needed. With all your customer, sales and advertising data in one place you'll find yourself more accurately reporting results, building a deeper relationship with the people who make your company and just growing a healthier overall business.

When everything is all together in Bento, you'll move faster day to day, trust your data, audit your platforms (Facebook, we're looking at you), and remove the friction you face growing your company.

This is the modern way eCommerce businesses run – The Bento Way!

Bento is different – take a deeper look at how it works

You'll radically improve your customer experience, simplify your marketing stack, make less mistakes all whilst saving money with Bento.

When you subscribe to Bento you're joining the movement of companies who are fed up with overpaying for tools that don't work seamlessly together.

The #1 reason eCommerce shops, SaaS companies, agencies, media companies, and non-profits choose Bento is to simplify their business and deliver a better customer experience.

When you work in Bento, you'll find all the tools you need to grow, promote and scale your business as well as support that growth. By using Bento's all-in-one platform, you no longer need to piece together multiple costly subscriptions to get your job done.

Better yet, your team will no longer need to switch between multiple tools to fully understand your customers.

We know that it's a big promise to deliver on everything we've said, but we're dedicated to make it happen.

Bento is tasked with solving some pretty big problems for some pretty big businesses and it's not something we take for granted. When features get asked for, we build them. When bugs are found, we fix them. We are nothing without our customers. Sign up for free, today, or shoot us a private chat message. We're here to help!

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