Powerful customer journeys start here.

Smart eCommerce and software marketers use Bento to manage every customer touchpoint, in one place, without needing to stitch multiple tools together.

Bento is the Complete Toolkit for Customer Journey Marketing

All the things you love
  • Email, SMS & chat in one place
  • Engage in two-way conversations
  • Powerful automation capabilities
  • Insightful eCommerce reporting
  • Accurate ad attribution analytics
  • Affordable, predictable pricing
  • Community-driven development
  • Lightning fast customer support
  • Easy integrations and setup
None of the things you hate
  • Confusing pricing plans
  • Upset customers missing emails
  • Landing in spam
  • Unsure about your automations
  • Uncertainty about delivery
  • Expensive add-ons or extras
  • Slow and unhelpful support
  • Slow product development


Anonymous tracking

Track the entire customer journey from first touch to conversion.


Free email validation

Bento's built in Spam API will keep your list sparkling clean.


Send in batches

Warm-up your list and increase your delivery rates significantly.


Advanced segmentation

Create data-driven audiences based on who, what, where, and when.


Powerful automations

Build dynamic, event-driven automations in real-time.


SMS + Live Chat + Social

Engage with your customers where they want to engage.


Unlimited support inboxes

Only Bento let's you manage your entire support inbox in one place.


Free migrations

Got a big list? No worries! Our team will handle the migration for you.


Community driven support

Join us on our community Discord channel to get 24/7 help.

Understand your entire customer journey.

Bento gives you a complete, searchable dataset of every interaction your visitors have with your brand - from the moment they arrive from an ad, anonymously, to when they place their order β€” enabling you to create better marketing and understanding of your customers like never before.

Inbox user interface

Automate your messaging. Everywhere.

With Bento's beautiful visual automation builder you can create custom visitor journeys that feel personal to each visitor. Whether you want to send a post purchase SMS or create a high converting welcome sequence it can be done in Bento!

Customer profile user interface

Engage with your customers 1-on-1.

Whether you're talking to a customer about their latest order or emailing people who are responding to your latest newsletter, Bento has you covered. Bento Conversations helps you talk directly to your customers, leads and prospects across any channel.

Inbox user interface

Integrates perfectly with your software stack.

Plug in the tools you use to run your business straight into Bento and unlock even more potential.


Track your visitors and their orders.



Track your visitors and their orders.



Track your visitors and their orders.



Clean interface for the Bento API.



Clean interface for the Bento API.

Google Meet

PHP (Laravel)

Clean interface for the Bento API.

Google Meet


Track payment and subscription events.

Google Meet


Connect Bento to any 3rd party tool.



Connect Bento to any 3rd party tool.


Magento (Coming Soon)

Track your visitors and their orders.



Track your visitors and their orders.



Track your visitors and their orders.

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