Deliver your dream eCommerce experience - from first touch to the most recent order.

Bento is the platform where sales, marketing and support teams go to get their job done. Everything you need to track, acquire, broadcast and respond to each customer that touches your business — all in one place — with less hassle, integrations, and silly busy-work.

Stop stitching up to 3-5 different tools to manage each customer touchpoint and see why hundreds of businesses use Bento as their eCommerce Swiss Army knife!

Bento brings marketing and customer support teams closer together in a way that hasn't been done before.

We all know that after acquiring a visitor, it doesn't stop there. What happens after the sale matters. Bento wraps up every tool you need to track, acquire, engage and support your customer base.

Marketing Teams

Everything you need to acquire more customers, improve conversions and regularly nurture customers.

Customer Support

Respond to inbound enquiries through live chat and email, as well as get feedback through surveys.


Build dashboards, create reports and know your customer base better than your competitors.


Manage multiple sites under one dashboard and help your clients get their job done.


Save hundreds today, thousands as you grow.

Bento replaces 4-5 apps that all charge based on usage and don't work seamlessly together.

See what Bento will replace when you subscribe

We're focusing on the things that don't go out of fashion

Designing our product for insane speed

We're obsessed with speed, so much so that every inch of the app is covered with shortcuts and hotkeys to get your job faster. You have goals to hit, and we don't want to get in your way. Every single day our customers are sending us ideas to improve their processes, and listen. When you commit to Bento, you're joining a passionate group of marketers.

Every interaction with your customers needs to be flawless. That's why we've built a world class consolidation engine that ensures the right experience is delivered at the right time, and not twice or double. Not only that, in every part of our product we try to show exactly why things are functioning the way they are to allow you to debug any issues yourself. Bento *is not* a black box.

Bento originated as a single script whilst working on a client project, and has evolved into what you see today. Every product and feature was designed to solve our problems, as we worked in the field. We don't expect our customers to understand how to do everything straight away, but we're building it so that you can learn as you go. We're always improving how intuitive next steps are in our product, and how to get your job done.

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Used by eCommerce professionals and teams around the world to help them do the best work of their careers.

Because we’ve been there before and are there now too, we know what you need to run a successful commerce business in 2019.