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Bento is a world-class marketing automation, tracking, and two-way conversation platform designed to help you nurture deep, long-term relationships with your customers across every channel.

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Waaaaaaaay more than just your everyday email marketing tool.

Bento gives you unlimited, real-time visibility into each customer's unique journey and helps you leverage email, SMS, live chat, and SMM to help future conversions happen faster (and more often). With all your data and marketing in one place you'll make less mistakes, move way faster, and sell more.

Finally, have clarity on the full customer journey for every visitor and customer.

Unlike other platforms, Bento gives you a complete, searchable dataset of every interaction your visitors have with your brand - from the moment they arrive from an ad, anonymously, to when they place their order. Every click. Every view. Every ad. Every order. Tracked beautifully.

"Having one place to track my advertising, send emails, and engage with my customers across every channel has been game changing for our business. ”

Peter Lewis, Tanganyika Wildlife Park
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Build your dream messaging workflows across email, SMS, and live chat.

With Bento's beautiful visual automation builder you can create custom visitor journeys that feel personal to each visitor, based on their events, actions, and orders. No matter the journey you want to build, it can be done in Bento!

β€œJust switched to Bento earlier this year, and my email open rate went from 24% to 56% in a month! Click rate went from 2% to 5%!”

Ricky Willianto, The Ravenry
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Turn conversations into sales opportunities.

Bento Conversations combines your conversations happening in your email inboxes, social media, and live chat into a single view. With Bento, it's simple for anyone on your team to respond to your marketing or support inbound conversations.

β€œI just signed up to Bento with amazing personalised support and onboarding πŸ™Œ highly recommend. You don’t get this level of service with other SAAS marketing products. Thank you! πŸ˜Œβ€

Binh Wilson, Marketer
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On average, Bento replaces 4-5 tools you might already be using.
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