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Let’s get personal: have an analytics dataset that obliterates your competitors.

For the first time ever, you now have unparalleled, raw access into your customers event history and data — starting from when they first touch your website as an anonymous visitor to their last transaction. You no longer have to ask yourself why someone came to buy from you. Find clarity in the mess.

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Track every click, view, ad interaction, sale and frustration

Bento takes a fairly assertive position for tracking. By default, we'll log every view, click, form submission (used to identify visitors) and sale (if connected to an integration like Shopify). You can then extend this by logging your own data using our JS API or via one of our libraries.
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Automatically clean, scrub and enrich your subscribers

For all users, Bento will automatically unsubscribe spam traps, as well as users who have a high chance of bouncing: helping you stay out of being blacklisted by email providers. Additionally, we'll enrich each subscriber with company information, first name and last name, as well as 85 other data points (depending on your plan).
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Out of the box reports to help you get answers quickly

No one likes sifting through Google Analytics for hours to get an answer to one simple question. From day one, you'll have unparalleled access to hundreds of reports that can all be customized to your needs and wants, allowing you to get the insight you need to drive your business. Want a report? Just ask for it and we'll build it.

Build the perfect customer database, automatically, just provide the email.

At Bento, we want to help you build a clean and beautiful set of data on your visitors, customers and subscribers. An email address from a site visitor is all you need: we’ll run this info past a series of external databases and services that enrich each record with detailed information to flesh out their profiles. Everything from company information, first and last name (yes, we can figure it out without asking), gender, and over 85 other data points. Then, you can use this data to create even better personalized emails and surveys. We bet your competitors aren't doing that!

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Real-time event tracking

See every path users take in a single view and zoom in to understand the context and intent behind their actions.

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Purge spam traps

Spam traps don’t belong to real people and keeping them in your list will tarnish your sender reputation. We'll remove them, for free.

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Detailed eCommerce metrics

Bento tracks important metrics brands need to monitor performance such as LTV, AOV and other data points.

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Browse anonymous visitors

Who is doing what on your site? You should know that, right? Bento tracks everyone, even if the visitors are anonymous.

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Simple JS API.

Easily track, tag and identify visitors with a couple lines of code and send Bento whatever data you want.

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Tagging and custom fields

You can auto-tag visitors based on their behavior and actions, allowing you the ability to quickly identify visitors intent and needs.

Dive deep into how different users behave

Need to analyze user behavior but find it hard to know where to start? Bento makes it dead-easy for teams to build reports that monitor their Key Performance Indicators.

Quickly segment and visualize your data

Compare analytics from year to year or even month to month. You can break it down using any segment – be it by browser, by week or by device. If you know where to dig deeper, you’ll eventually find the gold.


Get to know your visitors, anonymous and known

Zoom in on a single user’s profile and activity feed, to understand who they are, and where they’re hitting roadblocks in your product.

Don’t waste time, don’t waste money

At Bento, we’re trailblazers: we’re the first tool that combines analytics, personalization, email marketing and inbound giving you full clarity on every touch point with your customers.

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See when people are frustrated

You should know exactly what your users are experiencing in order to make the site the best it can be. Bento lets you see when pages are slow to load or when visitors run into walls - like dead clicks.

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Understand feature usage

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Easily find new leads

Figure out new leads and build new relationships through identifying visitors to your site – you can do this with just one of two lines of code.

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Filter to find insights

Create reports and customize dashboards to find actionable insights for your business.

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Track trends over time

You’ll have access to all the sales information you need –automatically imported from places like Shopify. The more you know about a customer, the more personalized you can make their experience. You can also track eCommerce metrics like TRV and AOV.

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Catch abuse and spam

Don’t let bots interfere! With Bento, you can detect spam and abuse, and you’ll be able to ban visitors from your site.

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