Note: you can now send Broadcasts in batches, allowing you to STOP sending if you notice getting bad feedback from your customers or subscribers. You can then edit the email, and re-activate sending. Not something you can do with other providers.
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Creating a broadcast email couldn't be easier with Bento.
Simply navigate to the "Broadcasts" page, and pick a date you'd like to schedule your email.
If you don't like the calendar view, then you can switch to a more traditional list view. But the reason we default to calendar is because we see most people scheduling their campaigns ahead of time and want an easy way to know how far ahead they've planned out.
Once you're creating your new broadcast, decide who to send it to (based on tags instead of lists) and fill in the basic settings.
Once you save these settings you'll be taken to your Broadcast to edit it. Choose between our text editor or fancy editor to build the campaign to your liking.
For most people, we recommend the text editor.
Once done, click "Save Changes & Back".
Look over your settings, and when ready click "Prepare For Sending".
We'll then run a few checks on the email to ensure it's perfect.
If it's not, fix them up, then come back to this screen.
Then hit "Schedule To Send" or "Send Now".
You're done!

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