How to Do Effective Mass Email Marketing

Written By Gracija Atanasovska

Mass email marketing is the most common email marketing strategy for engaging with a large number of subscribers.

And even though some doubt its effectiveness and consider it a thing of the past, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Mass email marketing is very much alive and kicking, especially with the help of today’s automation and personalization tools we have at our disposal. If done right, it can do wonders for your email campaign, and that’s what our article is all about.

What is Mass Email Marketing?

Mass email marketing, also known as bulk email marketing, is an email promotion campaign where marketers send a single message to a large list of subscribers or recipients.

What Is Mass Email Marketing Used For?

Mass email marketing is often used as a means to promote a new brand or company, promote an established brand to a new audience and territory, or as a conversion method for acquiring more customers.

What Are the Common Types of Emails in Mass Email Marketing?

Some of the most common types of emails you can use and encounter in mass email marketing campaigns are:

In the past, mass email marketing was pretty simple. Companies used to draft one single email and send it to all recipients on their subscriber list. Nowadays, doing this is a bad idea. Why so? For one, spam filters have become better at doing their job, so you risk having your email end in the spam folder. Another reason is engagement. If your mass email sounds too generic, it will fail to engage your subscribers. That’s why list segmentation is so important even in mass email marketing.

How do you start an effective mass email marketing campaign?

The answer lies in these three words: personalization, tracking, and automation. If you implement these three practices in mass email marketing, you will make sure that the message arrives at the intended destination and that it will really be of interest to the people that receive it.

With that said, let’s get to some actionable steps that will help you create an effective mass email marketing campaign.

Tips on How to Do Effective Mass Email Marketing

Every email marketing campaign should be tailored to the audience you want to attract and to the specifics of your business. There are certain practices that can help you fully realize the potential of your email campaign, so let’s see what they are.

Personalize the Emails You Send

Nowadays, personalization is everything in email marketing, especially mass email marketing. Personalization refers to the practice of tailoring the emails you send according to the needs and expectations of each recipient.

Did you know that just including the personal name of the recipient in the email subject increases the open rates by about 26%? When an email sounds more personal it also sounds more human and more thoughtful than a generic-sounding email.

You can personalize your emails by:

Since mass email marketing is sending the same email to a large group of subscribers, the only way to personalize the message is through automation. Automation tools can help you track your customers’ behavior, likes, dislikes, geographical location, and time zone, and then segment your audience into different lists to which you can send different kinds of emails that will still correspond to your overall mass email marketing campaign.

Make Sure the Message Looks Good on All Devices

Optimizing your email message for all mobile and tablet devices, in addition to desktop computers and laptops, is a must. Did you know that over “70% of people read their email in a mobile app”? And yet “nearly 1 in 5 email campaigns is not optimized for mobile devices” which means that still, even in the 2020s, not enough attention is being paid to mobile optimization.

To do this, you need to pay attention to the length of the pre-header text and the subject line (shorter text looks better on mobile), as well as the layout of the email itself, any images you might include inside, their size, how they render to smaller screens, and so on. You also need to check whether the links you include in the email work and can be opened on mobile devices.

That’s why it’s best to test your messages before sending them out (you can do this with A/B testing).

Make Catchy Subject Lines

Email subjects are the gateway into the email - according to one statistic, “35% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone.”

When writing subject lines, be precise, specific, and informative towards your recipient. Tell them immediately what’s expecting them to increase the chances of the emails being opened. For example, if the purpose of the email campaign is to offer your subscribers a discount, the subject line can read “Claim this coupon and earn 15% off on your next purchase”.

Avoid clickbait subject lines like: “Unbelievable! Click to see what we did with…” Not only do clickbaits sound like cheap tricks, but they also might land your email in the spam folder.

Shorter work better, especially on mobile devices, so do tend to keep your subject lines around 10-20 characters.

Check my article on the topic of creating great subject lines and boosting your open rates to find out more.

Use CTAs (Calls to Action)

Calls to action (abbreviated as CTAs) are phrases that are supposed to incentivize or persuade subscribers or customers to do a particular thing. The goal can be to get your subscribers to subscribe to a service, purchase a product, book an event, go to your website, claim a discount, or take a different action that will ultimately result in more conversions.

In mass marketing emails, CTAs are usually buttons that can say something like “See more” or “Find out more”, “Connect”, “Open”, “View …”, “Watch now”, “Click to buy”, “Shop now”, etc. There are plenty of CTA phrases you can use in your email campaign, depending on the type of message and the business you’re in.

Consider these couple of things when including a CTA in the email:


These are just some of the ways you can improve your mass email marketing campaign. Mass email marketing is still a very valid and useful way to get to a large base of subscribers and continue to promote your brand through email. My only advice, in the end, is: don’t be afraid to take new approaches to old strategies because it might pay off big time in the end.