Bento is only $10 per 500 subscribers (or $0.02/per subscriber), all-inclusive with no feature gating.


No waiting. No surprises. No training needed.

  • Access to all web, email and survey features.
  • Unlimited users (invite your whole team).
  • Unlimited event tracking for subscribers.
  • Unlimited reports.
  • Unlimited sites.
  • Unlimited email sends.
  • No Bento branding, anywhere.
  • Early access to new features.
Try Bento For $10 / month

This starting plan lets you track your first 500 subscribers.
Discounts and upgrades available for people with lists over 100,000.

Want to make Bento even more powerful? Automagically enrich each visitors custom fields with rich data through our range of Power Ups.

⚡️ Enrich & Purge
/ per team / month
Build the perfect subscriber list.
Automatically add first, last name and gender to subscribers without needing to ask or survey. Additionally, auto-unsubscribe potential spammers or high risk email addresses to save on costs.

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👀 Uncover
/ per team / month
Uncover hidden opportunties.
Turns website visitors' IP addresses into company datasets that power smarter segmentation and sales engagements. Know who is browsing your website and activate alerts for high profile customers.

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💼 Company Data
/ per team / month
Know your B2B users.
Automatically enrich your records and workflows with detailed company data and information. Use in your email marketing, surveys or web personalization leveraging the power of customer fields.

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Got a thirst for #bigdata? We've got you covered.

Data Warehousing
Bento is the best way to load all your eCommerce customer data into a warehouse (like Amazon Redshift) for access later. Think of Bento as an extra data engineer, helping to save hours of customized ETL work. With the extra help, you can surface more granular insights into your customer journey.
Contact us via live chat, Twitter or Messenger for more information and to talk through pricing.
Unlimited Data Retention
By default, Bento will store the event data of known people (customers and subscribers) for 12 months. But, for your anonymous visitors, we will purge them after roughly 90 days. If you'd like to retain this data indefinitely, contact our team for pricing options for storage.
Contact us via live chat, Twitter or Messenger for more information and to talk through pricing.

Linear, predictable pricing.

Know how much you pay now, and in the future. Discounts available for people with lists above 100,000.

How do you measure a subscriber?
A unique subscriber, to us, is someone who we have identified their email and they have not unsubscribed from your marketing. In our calculations, we'll also pool in known customers.
What happens if my visitor quota runs out?
We’re not going to cut you off or break your site. We’ll let you go a little over your quota, but if you continue to exceed it on a regular basis you can either buy additional visitors on their own, or upgrade plans. We’ll let you know if this is the case and reach out via live chat or email. You'll never wake up to a humongous, scary bill.
What happens if my site is hit with a distributed DoS attack or crazy amounts of people from social media?
You can flip off your script with one click in the Bento backend which will stop ALL tracking. We also have measures in place to detect this and turn off straight away.
How easy is the implementation? I’ve heard that before!
It’s really easy. You just need to copy and paste our tracking code into the footer of your site — like Google Analytics, or implement it in your tag manager software, if you have one. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, feel free to reach out and we can try to help, or call your favorite computer person to get their advice.
How many different domains can I run Bento on?
You can use Bento on any number of websites or domains.
Will Google index my results?
99% of the time no. We have an expert team of SEO specialists on staff who can help you with these queries.
Do you offer support?
Of course! All plans include support, and we’re happy to help at any time. We’re based in most timezones so will usually reply within a few hours.
I’m not happy, what can I do?
Sorry. If you haven't sent any emails, and just collected data then we’ll refund you the moment you ask, because we think you should be in absolute head-over-heels love with Bento. Just say hi using the chat button on the bottom right of your screen to start that conversation.

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