Simple pricing.

One simple price, forever. No gotchas, no bait and switch, no feature-gated pricing tiers, no limits. You get everything in Bento on day one and get locked into a plan you can easily predict.

Bento (Starter)

For users starting out with less than 3,000 contacts. Those beginning their Bento journey with a small customer-base.

per month

What's included

  • Up to 3,000 contacts
  • Unlimited agents and users*
  • Unlimited sites*
  • Unlimited traffic*
  • Bento Email
  • Bento Conversations
  • Bento Surveys
  • Bento Analytics
  • Bento Personalization
  • Standard support
  • Zapier Integration
  • Shopify Connect
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Discord Community Access

Bento (Pro)

For new users importing over 3,000 contacts into their account. Those migrating to Bento from another provider.

per contact

What's included

  • Everything in Bento(Starter)
  • Free white glove migration
  • Private API endpoints
  • Account manager

Bento (Enterprise)

For customers looking to pay upfront or negotiate their rates based on volume.

What can be included

  • Dedicated IPs
  • Custom rate
  • Pay upfront
  • 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Business migrations
  • Developer support
  • Bento Dev. Slack access

What's not included

  • Custom integrations or features that don't align with our product roadmap

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Jump on our Discord server and talk to other customers or the team.

Do I really get access to everything on the one plan!?
Yup! All plans include full access to every single product. We don't feature gate anything unless we're launching a beta product.
What do I need to install to use Bento?
If you are just using a few of our email marketing features, you just need to upload your list or use our API to import your subscriber data. If you wish to use our analytics, personalization, live chat, and any feature that relies on event tracking, then you must install Bento.js on the frontend or use our wide range of libraries to send events to us. This is either installed via an integration or a simple copy + paste.
Can I pay upfront for a year?
Yup! Just send us a support ticket after you've created your trial, and we can discuss what's needed to put together an annual contract.
How is billing calculated?
We bill similar to other email marketing providers - even though we do a lot more - so you will only be charged per identified contact (people with email addresses). Your rate is subject to change as we grow and build the business.
Will we be charged when our trial is up?
Yes! We ask for your credit card up front, so you'll only be charged at the end of the month. If you don't want to continue your trial just open a support ticket and ask to cancel.
Why do you ask for a credit card up front?
Great question! Spammers love to clog up our workloads enough as it is, so we work hard to keep them from being a user of the product. Adding credit card information during sign-up has cut spam sign-ups by over 95%, leading to better deliverability rates and more focus on development.
Do we pay extra for more people/agents?
You can add unlimited agents or users to your team. Unlike other companies we don't bill for these. Bento is more fun with friends!
Do you offer discounts?
Yes! For fresh new startups or charitable causes, of course!
What happens if I abuse my account limits?
We will first warn you and then turn off your account. If you have a phone number attached to your account we'll try to call that a few times before taking any aggressive actions.
Is my data backed up?
The entire Bento platform is backed up, but, like most software providers, your individual account isn't. We advise that you schedule a regular download of your subscribers (something you can do in Bento) just incase you accidently bulk update/delete your data.