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Weekly Roundup [Oct Week 1, 2022]: We got your Versions here!

Thoughts by Scott Melzer • Customer Advocate Bento

Hey everyone!

It's Scott from the Bento community team here.

Welcome to our new Weekly Roundup post. Starting today, I will pull together all the updates we've pushed to production during the week and will compile them into a nice, convenient post that will go up on Friday. We'll announce this in the Discord when they go live.

So every Friday you will get a nice overview of how much more amazing Bento got over the last week

And as a bonus, I will be retroactively adding in the weeks prior so we have them all on the blog. This will have the added effect of them now being searchable inside Bento.


A lot of great stuff went out this week, but the highlight has to be the addition of versions in Worfklows. Nothing like having the peace of mind of knowing what you write won't be entirely lost if something accidentally happens by you or a team member.

Okay, grab your trail mix and let's go for a stroll down update lane.

10/02/2022 [Usability] You can now give webhook actions friendly names! Have you ever wanted to name all your workflow webhooks after Spider-Man villians? Well now you can! Or you know, you could just name them with wherever the data is coming from if you want to be all professional. Your choice. If you need a refresher on webhooks check out our guide here. Webhook Naming

10/04/2022 [Removal of Annoyance] Improved in-app notifications substantially so they no longer become overwhelming. Ever get an internet burp and Bento needed to let you know until it was all you could see? That has been reworked so you get informed and not overwhelmed when it happens next time.

[Performance] Tiny improvements to Workflows for people running slow machines. Always on the lookout to streamline everyone's experience, these updates should help people who were experiencing some slowdown on older devices.

[VERSIONS] Recover and restore a Workflow or email back to a previous state in just a click. You ever get the stress of having just written what could be the next great internet email but knowing one wrong click could make it disappear into the void? Throw that stress like a hot potato as Bento workflows and emails now come with version history, so all your work will not be lost from a tiny mishap. Version ButtonVersions

10/05/2022 [Stability] Added some Bulk Operations changes that ensure all targeted visitors are reindexed after all changes are made. There were instances of people performing lots of updates to their data and a few visitors fell out of sync. Now you can update away without worry.

And that is it for this week.

I will see you next week with a host of new updates.

Any questions, pop into Discord.