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Weekly Roundup [Oct Week 2-3, 2022]: Two for the Price of One

Thoughts by Scott Melzer • Customer Advocate Bento

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup for Weeks 2 & 3 of October.

I was out last week so unfortunately I didn't get to put out a roundup. So today you are getting two roundups for the price of one. Luck you right?

Let's dive right in and see what Jesse has been up to down on Update Lane.


[New Feature] User Goal tracking added to Bento User Profiles We're now showing, on profiles, how quickly it takes someone to convert for each specific goal. Just set the Complete Goal node in your workflow to get started tracking. Complete Goal Goal Tracking

[Liquid] Embed audio in your emails using the audio_tag filter. The tag also contains a fallback for email clients who do not support it. coughoutlookcough Audio Tag


[BETA] We're looking for early testers for our new batch/emails API Are you looking to ditch your transactional email provider and just send everything through Bento? We are setting up a new API that gives users the ability to send emails in a priority queue (think password resets, magic links, etc). Post in our Discord channel #deliverability_help if you want access to the BETA.


[Spam API] Updated disposable email check Now includes a few new sites that have been popping up more frequently. We've noticed a large increase in automated abuse so handy to block these at sign-up if you're a developer (using our public API endpoint to check)!


[Spam Reports] Now logging, on users profile pages, those that hit the "Report Spam" button on the unsubscribe page. No action is needed on these as it's something we monitor internally, but if you are sending out a somewhat controversial email (price increase, political content, etc) I would monitor it (and send your email super slowly). These correlate closely to people hitting the spam button in their ISP (Gmail, Yahoo, etc). Spam Report

[Dev] Developers now able to target bento:forms:submitted and bento:survey:submitted events to add their own functionality. Docs coming soon.

[Performance] Users who have sent many hundreds (or thousands) of emails should notice faster load times in People. Working on more tiny performance improvements this week throughout the app. Should notice things are even snappier.


[QoL] Everyone can rejoice, I've reworded the sequence delay (FINALLY). Thanks @weisbart for the push to get this done. Wait to Send

[Bug] Fixed bug where anonymous names (i.e warm-breeze-9999) were changing.

[QoL] Improvement to onboarding and script installation flow.


[Bug] Fixed bug where logs in Workflows were not changing despite switching between different nodes.

[QoL] Improved speed in Workflows substantially and fixed issue where incomplete triggers could halt flow processing under specific conditions.


[QoL/Bug] Refactored how "products" are calculated so that they only are counted once per unique event. Thanks @nathanbraun for suggesting in tiny-bugs. This stops double counts of "products" if an event is sent to our platform a few times accidentally (just like how we handle increasing/decreasing lifetime values of customers). Search data will slowly be updated to reflect this over the coming days.

And that is it for the past two weeks. See you next week, when you can once again ask the question, "What Got Updated!"