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Weekly Roundup [Sept Week 4, 2022]: We got your stinkin' Batches right here!

Thoughts by Scott Melzer • Customer Advocate Bento

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup for Week 4 of Sept.

This week's best update, I think, has to go to the audience count and batch recommendations when sending emails—no more crunching numbers to find the optimal batch size to keep your stats up. Again, we got you covered!

Take a quick stroll down update lane for everything else that went up this week.

09/24/2022 [Usability] On the visitor profile screen you can now copy elements in just a click. Thanks @ivanfarias for the recommendation. Ever want to grab a users email, name, or other profile data but hate having to highlight it to copy the text. Now you can click the element and it is copied to your clipboard and your ready to go. Copy Elements

09/26/2022 [Upgrade] Click tracking was moved off Bento's primary servers. With this change, if a database or our primary Redis instance goes down, your subscribers and users will not notice any impact or degradation in link clicks.

09/26/2022 [JS Feature] We added a new bento.spamCheck(email) function to the JS library. This leverages Bento's Spam API and allows you to check if an email is valid or not. The primary use case is if you're putting a piece of content behind an email opt-in and you don't want people to type in fake addresses to get it. Spam Check

09/29/2022 [Upgrade] Moved pageview/JS tracking off Bento's primary servers. On the off chance a DB or our primary Redis instance goes down, you will not lose any precious event data with this migration

[Usability] We're now showing audience count and recommended batch size when sending an email. Tired of needing to bring out a calculator every time you send an email in Bento? Throw that Casio FX-350MS out the window! You can now see the audience size and what we recommend for the batch size when setting up for sending. Batching Counts

[Usability] The query builder in People and Broadcasts now shows a counter as you update your rules. Got a large audience and want to get a quick look at how big a certain segment of it would be? We got your back. When setting up rules in the query finder a quick estimate of how many users fall into that bucket will show up to let you know.

That's it for this week. Thanks for tuning in and see you next time.