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Subject Lines & Preheader Text - The Power Couple That Can Make or Break Your Email

Thoughts by Alyssa Jean • Writer Bento

The duo of subject lines and preheaders is your first impression. It’s crucial to get this pairing right as its a make or break for whether your subscriber opens the email or not.

The Art of the Subject Line:

Capture attention. Craft subject lines that are concise, intriguing, and relevant. Utilize personalization to make each message feel tailored, and A/B test to find the most effective approach.

Preheaders as Partners:

Support and enhance. Ensure your preheader complements your subject line, adding context or intrigue without repeating the same information. This duo should work together to pique interest and encourage the reader to dive into the content of your email.

A/B Testing for Perfection:

Refine relentlessly. Continuously test different combinations of subject lines and preheaders. Monitor open rates and adjust your approach based on what resonates most, ensuring each email is an opportunity seized.

It’s stupid simple but incredibly easy to miss for the impact it has on your emails. Don’t let this small thing ruin your chances of putting a great email in front of your subscribers.

If you’re out of inspiration, look at your own swipe file of brands or companies that you’ve subscribed to. What are the subject lines and preheaders of the ones that you open? Knowing who you are as a consumer as well as the emails that you opened, will give you a better understanding on how to do it for your own emails.