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Customer Segments, but as Romantic Relationships

Thoughts by Alyssa Jean • Writer Bento

Let's cut to the chase – in email, it's easy to obsess over a new subscriber. But here's a reality check: What about those who've been swiping their cards on your site for ages?

That's where RFM Segmentation comes in – it's like the relationship guru of ecommerce, offering insights into who's really into your brand and who's just not that into you.

Imagine your customer base as a series of relationships:

  1. Recency (R): When did they last buy from you? If it's recent, they're like that date who just texted you back. Ages ago? More like the one who ghosted you after the first coffee.
  2. Frequency (F): How often do they come back for more? Regular buyers are like those who want to hang out every weekend. Rare buyers? They're like acquaintances you bump into once in a blue moon.
  3. Monetary Value (M): How much do they spend? Big spenders are like those who go all out on Valentine's Day, while the small spenders are more like the "let's split the bill" types.

Now, Let's Talk Relationships – Ecommerce Style

  • The 'Soulmates' (High RFM): These customers are your dream dates. They're into you, they show it often, and they aren't shy about splurging on your products.
  • The 'Flings' (Mixed RFM): They've shown some interest, maybe a lot of interest at times, but it's not consistent. They're like that summer romance that flares up then cools down.
  • The 'Ghosters' (Low RFM): Remember them? No? They barely remember you either. They popped in once and then vanished into thin air.

Each type of relationship needs a different strategy.

You wouldn't propose on a first date, right?

Likewise, you wouldn't send a VIP loyalty program invite to someone who bought a single sock two years ago.

  • For your 'Soulmates,' roll out the red carpet. Loyalty programs, exclusive offers – make them feel special.
  • For the 'Flings,' keep the spark alive. Tempt them with personalized deals or new product teasers.
  • For the 'Ghosters,' it’s about rekindling that lost flame. Entice them back with a "We've missed you" deal.

RFM Segmentation isn't just about data and numbers. It's about understanding the depth of your customers' love for your brand. It's time to stop chasing after every potential match and start focusing on those who really value what you've got to offer. Trust me, your bottom line will thank you for it.