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Hardened Security for HTML Forms

We take the security of your data very seriously and are always looking for ways to improve it. That's why we have recently implemented some enhanced security measures to further protect your website and its visitors.

One of these measures involves throttling Bento's HTML form endpoint to 5 requests per minute. Thanks to our vigilant user @kai for bringing to our attention some malicious activity occurring on their website and forms. By analyzing these examples, we were able to enhance our security protocols and ensure that Bento's HTML forms are even more secure.

Additionally, if you're embedding the forms and using our redirect feature we will challenge any user with a Cloudflare Managed Challenge page if we detect they are a bot. This alone has drastically cut down bot submissions by over 90%.

We highly recommend that all users switch to using Bento's HTML forms instead of their own opt-in forms. Our forms come with additional bot checks and powerful rate limits, making it significantly more difficult for malicious parties to compromise your data or your visitors' privacy.