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Flow Processing Notes

Hey everyone — Jesse here.

Over the past few months, we have been thrilled to see the creative and innovative ways in which you have been using our Flows product. From automating complex workflows to using it as some kind of meta programming language, you have pushed the boundaries of what we thought possible with Bento.

As much as we have enjoyed watching this unfold, we have also recognized the need to ensure that our power users do not inadvertently impact the performance of our product for our broader customer base.

To this end, we have recently implemented some mechanisms that may result in slight delays for certain actions within Flows. If you notice a delay, it may be due to one of the following (this is just a sample of the rules we use as some we don't want to disclose.):

You are sending a broadcast
You are importing or updating large volumes of data (i.e CSV upload)
You are sending us a high volume of events
You have more than 10 Flows published and activated
You have many triggers or conditionals within your Flows
Our platform is currently overwhelmed

In cases of our platform getting overwhelmed we will automatically scale up to handle the backlog. 99% of the time, we clear out the queue within minutes. However, if the queue is not draining quickly enough, our team will be alerted and will take immediate action to ensure other customers don't witness delays.

Our goal with the Flows product is to ALWAYS have real-time processing but, when users throw 1M events at us out of the blue because their site went viral, that can be hard to balance.

Our recent changes should ensure that the majority of our customers on any given day experience lightening fast processing speeds not impacted by their Bento neighbours.

Any questions, please never hesitate to ask on email or over on our Discord.