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Deprecating Tag Filters in Broadcasts

Over the past 6 months, we've gotten a lot of feedback that building audiences in Bento, specifically in our broadcast area, can be a little daunting so we're on a mission to fix that.

To begin, we're looking at deprecating the old tag filters that are present in broadcasts. This is old legacy code from the first iteration of broadcasts and didn't work for a few reasons.

  1. These settings wouldn't copy over when cloned.
  2. They weren't factored into the quick count shown on the page.
  3. They weren't compatible with saved segments.

For these three reasons, we're looking to kill them off and instead focus on making our audience builder more intuitive.

For now, these changes only impact the UI. If you use these filters you'll continue to be able to use them for awhile whilst we iterate on the main audience builder.

Feedback always appreciated in Discord.

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