Email & Automation for Ambitious Teams

Both marketers and developers use Bento, together, to retain customers, grow revenue, and scale through better email, SMS and conversational marketing.

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Send targeted emails to your customers at any scale.



Create automations based on user behaviour and activity.



Use conversational marketing to build relationships.



Use surveys and opt-in forms to capture 1st party data.

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Easy (and powerful) integrations
Whether you're a non-technical marketer or the 10x dev on your team you'll love how easy it is to work with Bento. What will you connect first?
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Marketing Automation

Your best marketing ideas launched in seconds.

Create automations faster than you can think of them with Bento's flexible canvas builder. Drag, drop, done — powered by your first-party data.

Stress Free Marketing

Create powerful automations, test them before going live, and never worry about making marketing mistakes again with everything in one place.

Open Office Hours

Need help with a marketing or automation idea? Join our regular office hours to ask questions, get help, or just chat. You'll never be alone building in Bento.

Email Marketing

Beautiful emails sent to millions without hesitation.

Use our plain text or drag n' drop builder to create stunning emails in seconds.

Safe Sending

Never stress about sending your broadcast emails again. Catch early mistakes with our automated checks, send over time with batched sending, and even pause live campaigns when you need to make a quick edit.

Free List Cleaning & Email Validation

Unsubscribe bad sign-ups automatically and clean your list in real-time to avoid landing on a blacklist — all without the use of any 3rd party apps or add-ons.

Two-Way Communication

Respond to demand.

Leverage the power of conversational marketing to drive more conversions and sales.

Unlimited Inboxes

Easily respond to customers when they reply to your broadcasts or automations on any channel.

Live Chat

Talk to customers in real-time through your own website.

Email & Social Channels

Connect email, Facebook, Twitter and other channels to talk to all your customers in one place.


Stay in marketing flow.

Engage with the creators of Bento (and other customers) to ensure you never get blocked whilst deep in work.

Access to all products and features for one simple to understand price.

With unlimited email sending, access to all features, and a price you won't ever regret paying, you'll sleep better at night knowing there's more profit in the bank because you switched to Bento.

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Remove your teams anxiety around email marketing.

With powerful features like batched sending, pausing of broadcasts, and real-time email validation, you'll be wondering how you didn't find Bento earlier.

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Unlock insights about your customers that may change the direction of your company.

Most users within the first few weeks of using Bento discover insights that change how they think about advertising, emailing, and marketing to their users. What will you discover?

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Take control of your customer journey and track it accurately.

Bento provides advanced tooling to ensure that your data is accurately tracked, even across multiple domains or web properties, and presented in a way that you can take action on.

Customer profile user interface
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