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What's new to Bento in September

  • Added real-time email validation to reduce spam
  • New Managed Account offering for hands-on support
  • Improved CSV importing times to reduce waiting
  • Added Bulk Operation tooling for more control
  • Reduced broadcast build times for faster sending

Recent customer wins
Kurt Philip Founder, Convertica
Just checking the top 10 opened emails and saw that in Bento we're getting double the rate of opens compared to Mailchimp. You have a customer for life right here.
10:18 PM Β· Jun 24, 2021Β·

Supercharge your marketing data.

Bento gives you a complete, searchable dataset of every interaction your visitors have with your brand - from the moment they arrive from an ad, anonymously, to when they place their order. Every click. Every view. Every ad. Every order. Tracked beautifully. Use this data to deeply understand why and how your customers converted so that you can encourage that behaviour more from new visitors.

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"Having one place to track my advertising, send emails, and engage with my customers across every channel has been game changing for our business.”

Peter Lewis, Tanganyika Wildlife Park
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Build your dream messaging flows.

With Bento's beautiful visual automation builder you can create custom visitor journeys that feel personal to each visitor, based on their events, actions, and orders. No matter the journey you want to build, it can be done in Bento!

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β€œJust switched to Bento earlier this year, and my email open rate went from 24% to 56% in a month! Click rate went from 2% to 5%! Not sure what magic is at work here, but works for me... ”

Ricky Willianto, The Ravenry
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Use chat and SMS to drive 1-on-1 sales.

Whether you're talking to a customer about their latest order or emailing people who are responding to your latest newsletter, Bento has you covered. Bento Conversations helps you talk directly to your customers, leads and prospects across any channel.

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β€œI just signed up to Bento with amazing personalised support and onboarding πŸ™Œ highly recommend. You don’t get this level of service with other SAAS marketing products. Thank you! πŸ˜Œβ€

Binh Wilson, Marketer
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