Dynamicyield is a fantastic piece of software that we're proud to call a competitor — but you're looking for options which is why you've landed here.

Dynamicyield vs. Bento

Bento is the definitive alternative to Dynamicyield

Why? Well, for starters, Bento has been carefully designed for small, nimble marketing focused teams who work in online business like eCommerce and SaaS — those who need to move fast without their tooling getting in their way.

Dynamicyield, on the otherhand, was originally designed for bloated enterprise companies.

Dynamicyield is a leader in personalization and rightfully so. They have an amazing suite of tools designed to improve a businesses sales incrementally, but if you're looking at increasing your revenue through email, SMS, live chat, or other channels then Bento is the right choice. Only Bento provides an all-in-one suite that requires no other integrations to get your job done.

We find most brands switch from Dynamicyield because they want all the best features of DynamicYield, for less cost.

Below is a short breakdown of the features in both products. We ask you to compare yourself.

Breakdown Bento Dynamicyield
Price per contact, per month $0.01 Not Listed
Track user behaviour
Free email validation
Anti-bot protection
Send email broadcasts
Send email sequences
Send SMS
Capture emails with pop-ups
Capture emails with forms
Talk to customers on live chat
Talk to customers over email
Talk to customers over social media
Run surveys
Personalize your website
Track ad performance
Report on customer lifetime value
Build custom dashboards
Visualize your data

Unlike Dynamicyield, Bento aspires to do more than just send emails and SMS. Browse the list of features below and see what other apps, other than Dynamicyield, you could replace in your software — saving you time, money and speed. Questions? Talk to us on live chat.

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