There are SO MANY email marketing, live chat, and analytics tools on the market, and they all feel the same; how do you know which is the best for you?

Klaviyo, Mixpanel, ConvertKit, DynamicYield... all of these tools require multiple integrations and apps to get your job done. Bento is different — we go beyond just one or two features — we cover the entire customer journey from anonymous to repeat purchase.

The main difference between Bento and other tools: Bento's vision is to bring enterprise marketing and messaging to the masses. This means, high-grade tooling covering the entire customer journey, but at the price of just your ESP. For us, arming the rebels gives us joy and fills us with purpose. Everyday we're hungry to continue this mission and continue building tools that solve our customers problems.

How our pricing is different: we will strictly on contacts, and, lock in our discounts at the team level. So, if you have an account on a high volume discount plan then that will carry on to all your other websites in that same account. We additionally don't double count emails (*cough* eeep *cough*) or double count emails that are on seperate lists/segments. To make things smoother for our larger customers, all sales conversations are routed to the CEO so you're never waiting on an answer.

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With all your marketing in one place you'll be able to ship faster and be confident that your customers are getting the right experience. Say goodbye to sticky tapped solutions and welcome the Bento way of marketing.