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Head on over to your website and take a look around.
Are you asking for an email on the homepage?
Are you asking on the blog?
If you aren't, you should be, and if you are what are you giving in exchange for that email?
For Bento, we figured out that for someone to decide to become a customer they sort of have to hit a level of commitment. Bento isn't an easy product to get going with. There are multiple steps before you can actually start sending your email.
So, we turn this friction into a challenge. A challenge to "fix your marketing" in 14 days. People take the course and inadvertently become huge advocates of the software as we teach valuable, practical tips they can implement straight away - often with Bento though they can do it on their competitors (but might struggle).
In terms of opt-ins that work for us, here are a few formulas you can copy and paste into your own business - we find these work great on the blog and on the homepage.
Fix your {{ problem }} in {{ period }}
Join our {{ period }} email course, entirely free, and reach {{ outcome }}. 

Can't quite figure out how to {{ outcome }}? 
We've created an amazing {{ period }} email course, designed exclusively for {{ market }}, that you can implement today. 

We analyzed our customers data and found the greatest way to {{ outcome }}
In our {{ period }} email course, we send you one actionable tip per day, based on data, to help you {{ outcome }}. 

The headlines above meet your leads where they are at that moment. If they're on the blog, and they've come from an ad or Google they are in a researching phase to solve a problem. Your CTA should promise to solve that straight away.
Once the user opts-in, you then fulfill the promise with an email sequence delivered over the time period you set.
How this is laid out will be entirely up to you but here is how I would start and finish the sequence.
Hey {{ visitor.first_name || default: "there" }}, 

We ran into the same problems you're facing now at {{ visitor.company_name || default: "your company" }} - it's stressful - but the good news, is we solved them and over the next {{ period }} we're going to solve them for you too.

The email course will be delivered on a daily basis and laid out like so: 

Day 1 - X
Day 2 - Y
Day 3 - Z
etc ...

If you have a question, at any time, just hit the "reply" button and ask! 

Your replies will come straight to me, the CEO of {{ brand }}, and I generally get back to everyone in a few hours or less.

Let's solve this together.

Health & happines,
{{ owner }} 
{{ brand }}

The goal of the above email is to do a few things.
The first is to clearly lay out the format of the emails you are going to send so they anticipate the solutions over time and look out for the emails. I would spend time here optimizing the headlines for each email in the sequence to really capture the readers attention and excite them to the solution that will be provided on that day.
The second goal of the email is be an approachable brand. By opening yourself up for dialogue, as a CEO or someone high up in the company, you open yourself up to sales conversations and potentially really insightful details about your users problems.
For Bento, I try and always optimize myself to be an approachable brand and for us this works really well.
Once all the emails are delivered, you want to then initiate a sales conversation with the last and final email to the lead.
Hey {{ visitor.first_name || default: "there" }}, 

Over the last {{ period }} days we've helped you {{ outcome }}. It's been a fun journey! 

Do you have time this week to {{ call to action that gets the customer engaged }}? 

Health & happines,
{{ owner }} 
{{ brand }}

For every SaaS customer of ours, this email will differ immensely. For Bento, I love to get people on the phone to talk to them because I find it uncovers so many deep insights and also allows me to show that we, as a company, are here for them unlike our competitors. This helps me close a lot of deals and is key to growing our brand.
For you, you might not have the capacity to serve all the leads you're generating - lucky you!
So, consider pushing people to another marketing asset. This could be a demo video of your product, a webinar, open office hours, or even a podcast that you know converts listeners.
The customer at this point should be primed with an outline of why your product is killer and can solve their problem but they may need that extra nudge to have full buy in.