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So, your customers are signing up! Great!
... but what's that? They're not completing? 
Not great!
Let's solve that.
The number one problem we face at Bento is customers not completing sign-up. 
There is a pretty big reason for this: we have a big, obnoxious credit card form right in the middle of the flow.
I'd love to ditch it but we need it — it helps reduce spammers signing up and creating accounts.
But it's our #1 reason for sign-ups just dropping off the face of the earth.
We've tried to combat this by filming explainer videos outlining why we do it and that's surprisingly worked really well! 
But people still disappear.
So, let's bring them back.
To do so, in Bento we create an automation. The automation will add someone to a "Trial Sequence" immediately after they create an account via an event trigger targeting the URL they land on after they fill out their details.
Once they join the trial sequence, we send them an initial email welcoming them to the platform.
This email assumes they are ready to go.
Here's the exact copy we use - go ahead and adapt it to your brand.
Hey {{ visitor.first_name || default: "there" }}, 

Just saw you signed up and wanted to reach out (well, Bento saw it and sent this email automatically).

I'd love to hear what problems you're facing with your marketing and support, so I can know how I can personally help you.

When you pay for Bento, you're not just buying software but you're also buying the brains of our amazing team with decades of experience in eCommerce, SaaS and media buying.

This tool was built for us and we're so stoked whenever we can help others get the same value that we get out of it each day.

Just shoot a reply to this email and let me know!


CEO of Bento

PS: This email is automated - but replies really do go straight to me and I will reply to them. 

If the customer then proceeds and completes sign-up, they get tagged as a 'customer' and we can configure the sequence to automatically stop.
No further emails will be sent.
But, if they didn't become a customer, then they will get the following email in 24 hours (this time assumes that they are working the next day and possibly aren't busy - 24 hour increments are good for these types of emails and I wouldn't overcomplicate it more than that).
Hey {{ visitor.first_name || default: "there" }}, 

It's me again — noticed that you didn't complete signing up and ended on the payment form page.

Those forms can be scary, huh.

Would you like me to send you an extended free trial coupon so you can test the product out without paying for 2 months?


CEO of Bento

PS: This email is automated - but replies really do go straight to me and I will reply to them. 

Our reply rates to this email is staggering - at one point almost every single abandon cart was replying.
This is because people have already committed to giving the product a go, but they need a tiny extra incentive to actually put in their credit card.
Additionally, they now know that you are there to talk to if they run into an issue. This part is huge.