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This is something I notice most of our customers skip: asking for referrals!
In sales, one of the easiest ways to generate more cash is just to ask people who they know in their network who could benefit from using your tool. Afterall, if you've done a good job above getting people engaged with your software and using it to the maximum that you can then them recommending you to others is doing everyone a favour!
There are a few ways to do this.
At Bento, we promote our referrer-a-friend program everywhere in the application after customers complete a few actions (send a broadcast, create a workflow, etc).
We also add people to a Referral Sequence after they do a certain number of actions.
You can count actions in a few ways by either using our Increment Counter action in Workflows or sending specific data to us via the API.
Once a visitor goes over a certain count they get added to the sequence.
The emails, like always, are simple:
Hey {{ visitor.first_name || default: "there" }}, I just noticed that you finally sent over 20 broadcasts! That puts you in the upper tier of senders, amazing. 

I was wondering; it seems you're enjoying Bento and getting a lot out of the software (I could be making a wrong assumption here, and if I am let me know) - do you have any friends in your network that could benefit from using us too? 

I'm not sure if you stumbled on it in the UI but we have a really strong affiliate program that offers 31% kickbacks over the lifetime of subs you send our way.

{{ sign-up call to action }} 

Just thought I'd let you know! 


CEO of Bento

PS: This email is automated - but replies really do go straight to me and I will reply to them.