Getting to know Bento

Taught by Jesse Hanley

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This is a sort of starter guide to getting started with Bento.

Before we begin or you do ANYTHING, please understand this

Bento can do ALOT of powerful and advanced things. You can track users end to end. You can personalise every corner of your website. It can track all your social media sales. It can track your email marketing. It can even create algorithms to treat certain traffic sources differently.

HOWEVER UNDERSTAND: If you just master the basics of Bento you will have more control and leverage over your marketing leading to a bigger ROI from the implementation of the software.

Therefore we HIGHLY SUGGEST : You take your time and learn the basics of Bento first in this course before moving on to more advanced videos.

This course will show you how to set up basic tracking, understand how to track your first ads, and then send a couple of emails.