Use our email subject line tester to generate more clicks.

You're probably here because you wrote an awesome headline and were looking to juice a few more opens and clicks from it.


You've come to the right place and our tool above should be tremendously helpful to you.

The tool looks at your text, breaks it down, grades it, and flags any issues that we see from time to time.

The areas we like to focus on when we work with customers of our Managed Accounts product is visual aesthetics (it matters, really), hooks, and avoiding flaggable content.

Visual aesthetics, surprisingly, matters a lot in your subject lines.

Think about your own inbox.

It probably is filled with thousands of brands trying to grab your attention.

What stands out?

I bet it's a headline that is formatted in a way that stood out from all the other headlines in there.

Maybe it used emoji.

Maybe it was all lowercase.

Maybe it referred to your name at the start or something you bought.

Either way it was more aesthetic and appealing to you as the reader which makes you more inclined to choose it out of the rest.

Using our subject line tester you will get a handful of recommendations that will make your emails more aesthetic.

The hook matters more than you think and you're probably not thinking about it.

One of the biggest improvements a marketer can make in mastering email is thinking deeply about the hook.

Where is the customer when they read the email you are going to send and what is a strong enough incentive to get them to stop doing what they're doing and take the action you're asking.

It's almost like a trade: subscriber does a little work (click, wait, click, wait, do action) and you give them a product or offer at a price (maybe free) that resonates.

Hopefully that offer solves a critical problem for them that makes them leap out of their seat.

With the headline you're writing today does it have a strong hook?

Or are you just asking for something for nothing?

Fix the hook and watch your open rates soar.

Marketers love to get themselves caught in a pickle.

So many marketers use email platforms incorrectly then wonder how the got to single digit opens.

Try to avoid using words that may get you flagged or manipulations optimized for short term results.

This would be like using a headline like:


This headline, other than being obnoxious, is easy for inbox providers to flag. It uses all caps, the word sale, and is manipulative by using re: when it's not a reply to anything.

Move from short term thinking to long term and watch your email list respond better month after month.

Remember, the goal is to create a predicatable revenue machine. Not a crash and burn campaign.