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Squarespace Review

Stunningly beautiful and feature-rich selling platform, suitable for physical goods, digital products, and servic

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By Una Gasparovic
Last Updated July 31 2017

Much more than a pretty face

Sounds almost too good to be true. But Squarespace is no joke - it’s aesthetically flawless AND it has comprehensive selling features. Also, its signup is the quickest I’ve ever encountered - no credit card info needed, just an email address with a password. Supersonic Squarespace?

Shopify's dashboard

Right: Starting Page

Beauty & Practicality United.

What if I wanted a mouth-watering website with powerful selling features? Usually, it calls for 3rd-party external shopping carts (eyeroll). But, not with Squarespace. With a simple ProductBlock feature, your customers will enjoy the entire checkout process, without leaving your beautiful website. This adds credibility, gives you the control, and saves a lot of time.

Shopify's dashboard

Right: Commerce Features

Intuitive, Detailed Building

I just love mind-reading softwares. You know, the ones that give you the freedom and flexibility, but also could be understood by a 3-year-old. Yes, it’s dead easy to configure any product variants and details in Squarespace. And for how many products? Unlimited, my friend. Whether it’s 20 or 200 products, you’re safe here.

Shopify's dashboard

Right: Main Setup Options

Let's Go Digital 😊

Selling goes beyond physical products. Squarespace crew understood this and enabled us to offer services and digital products as well! This game-changing feature gives such creative freedom! You can now offer educational materials, softwares, photos, anything. Squarespace is also a powerful selling platform for service providers (coaches, consultants, designers, etc).

Shopify's dashboard

Right: Digital Products and Services

Marketing Features

The harsh truth is: without marketing, there are no sales. Luckily, Squarespace got us covered here as well. The variety of handy promotional features, such as pop-ups, social media sharing buttons, pin-it buttons for blogs, integration with Facebook pages (a pretty unique feature) or email automation, are all yours to explore!

Shopify's dashboard

Right: Marketing Feature - Popup

Our Favourite Shopify Features

  • Simple Template Switching

    Want to work on multiple designs at the same time? Problem solved: you can easily install multiple templates on a single Squarespace website and manage, edit, delete, basically play with them as you wish.

  • Video Background

    When it comes to visual appearance, Squarespace really went far. Here, you can add a video of your choice and set it as website background. Beautiful.

  • Intelligent Integrations

    By providing your ID directly, you can connect your website to Google Analytics, Disqus, or Typekit (in a couple of clicks, these services become fully integrated, no coding needed).

  • Easy Collaboration

    Involve your team to skyrocket your website! There are different access levels inside Squarespace, for various roles: Administrator, Content Editor, Billing, Comment Moderator, Reporting, Trusted Commenter (nice touch), and Store Manager.

  • Selling Elsewhere?

    No worries, you can simply import your products from another selling platform - BigCartel, Shopify, Etsy, or any other - straight into Squarespace!

  • No Surprises

    Everything is transparent here: there are no surprises when it comes to pricing and you will not meet additional charges. You can try out this powerful platform for free, just like I did. No credit card information is required for those 14 trial days.

Themes Info

A set of breath-taking award-winning templates is what definitely sets Squarespace apart from other selling platforms. As you’ll see, the richness of customization options, when it comes to website’s visual appearance, is nowhere else to be found. Once you start playing with Squarespace Templates, do not forget about Video Backgrounds, Picture Editing and other beautifying features. Squarespace is the place to go crazy with website design, use the best of it.

Billing Practices: Good

Smooth and quick signup with no additional requirements. The cancellation of 14-day trial period was also super-simple, without any charges or issues. Straight-forward, completely pleasant experience.

Examples Real, Live Squarespace sites.