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Shopify Review

Intuitive and powerful - a platform that makes online and offline selling ridiculously easy.

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By Una Gasparovic
Last Updated July 31 2017

User Experience Info

Amazing UX! If only I could shake hands with the entire Shopify team now. Every single part of this software, starting from the signup process and all until the launch of an actual store, is straightforward and enjoyable.

Shopify's dashboard

Right: Shopify's dashboard

So Beginner-Friendly.

The one thing I particularly liked about Shopify is how they offered a helping hand right away. Before you even see that clearly organised and elegant Dashboard for the first time, you’ll be asked about your selling goals and offered with helpful resources that propel you forward.

Shopify's dashboard

Right: Shopify's dashboard

Spelled-Out-For-You Building

You can literally build a store in minutes. The process feels like a step-by-step training because Shopify’s features are highly logical and inter-connected. I also liked a practical “check your tax” option they added (photo). Nice touch Shopify, because hey, who loves taxes?

Shopify's dashboard

Right: Main Setup Options

A Feature That Made Me Smile 😊

Shopify is a platform created with one goal in mind - to make the user's life easier. But, they went a step further with the App Store feature (Dashboard -> Apps -> View Shopify App Store). Once in, you’ll discover 1400+ of apps, services and plugins, with the probably most useful section of marketing and SEO. When choosing apps, be careful not to overdo it, as the cost may add up over time.

Shopify's dashboard

Right: Shopify App Store

Handy Financial Options

How do I know that sales platform means business? When it has its own payment gateway! Shopify Payments feature made 3rd-party payments obsolete and you’ll just love its simplicity. The only downside of this option is that it’s (currently) available only for stores in US, Puerto Rico, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Shopify's dashboard

Right: Shopify Payments

Our Favourite Shopify Features

  • Free Trial

    14-day free trial you can cancel anytime before the deadline

  • World Class Security

    Secure shopping cart with 256-bit SSL

  • Great Themes

    A plethora of professional themes (both free and paid) and you can even test a chosen theme on your own store before buying

  • Use Your Domain

    An option to keep your brand by using your own domain for a store

  • Social Selling

    Various selling options: on Facebook and Messenger, in store (POS), from an existing website

  • Abandon Cart

    Extremely handy: abandoned checkout recovery

  • Multiple Payments

    Different payment options (PayPal, Credit Card, Shopify Payments)

  • Dropshippers Galore

    Easy integration with dropshippers or fulfillment centers

  • Mobile Enabled

    Shopify Mobile to update your store or inventory on the go

  • SEO Enabled

    Marketing and SEO features and resources

  • Discount Features

    Discount codes, coupons and gift cards you can experiment with

  • Subscription Products

    Recurring Products, but a con is that they must be built with 3rd paid party apps from App Store

  • Blogging

    An integrated blog to further improve your presentation

  • Social Media Enabled

    Integration with social media channels

  • Unlimited Storage

    Unlimited number of products and unlimited file storage

  • Email Customisation

    Email customization with your branding

  • Shipping Discounting

    Shopify shipping discount, to help you save money on shipping (lovely)

  • Digital Product Enabled

    And did you know that you can sell digital products on Shopify as well? Just use Shopify’s free Digital Downloads app.

Themes Info

A theme marketplace in Shopify is vast and I really loved the freedom it gives you. There are both free and paid professional themes in Shopify Marketplace. The part I liked the most is a live preview for themes - instead of a generic one, it shows how your store with your own products will look like if you choose that theme. When picking a theme, always check the customization options, as they may considerably vary from theme to theme. Paid themes often come with more flexibility, enabling you to perfectly design your store (psst, beautiful stores sell better). This is a peek inside the Theme Editor:

Billing Practices: Good

Billing: there were absolutely no difficulties or hidden fees.
The Credit Card info is required in the sign-up, but nothing was charged during a trial period (14 days).


  1. Basic plan (usually more than enough for beginners),
  2. the most popular Shopify plan (with options like gift cards, pro reports and fraud analysis)
  3. Advanced plan (with the lowest transaction fee (0.5%) and third-party calculated shipping).

Concerning everything it has to offer, I believe that Shopify definitely pays off, even if you just stepped into the selling waters. Either way, I encourage you to try it out for two weeks and experience its quality yourself. I didn’t regret it.

Examples Real, live Shopify sites.