Thoughtfully Designed A/B Testing & Personalization Software That You'll Actually Enjoy Using.

When your team needs to test a new offer on the homepage, show your return customers a different version of the site or maybe just give your loyal customers a warm welcome, Bento has you covered.

Deploy your ideas and tests in seconds with our Visual Editor

You'll feel the countless hours we've put into building an editor that you'll enjoy making changes in. Best part? Deploy seamlessly without any coding knowledge required.

Carefully designed for both technical people who want to dance with code and those non-technical marketers who just want to bring their whacky visions to life.

“Bento works out of the box — and it solves such a massive headache in such a beautiful way. Just add the script, it starts tracking everything and then we can apply (+ test) our creative ideas in seconds. ”

Gareth Bull, Founder of Email Octopus & Bulldog Digital Marketing

Unlock rich personalization through our analytics platform

When we started building Bento, we began by building an analytics platform that tracked everything from clicks to form submissions to sales. We believed by starting here, we would ensure that we had the richest data to play with. Leverage that data at your fingertips to unlock personalization strategies that blow your customers minds.