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Asks questions, capture emails, enrich profiles, then nudge them to convert.

Asking visitors just a few questions can give you a wealth of knowledge – and you can use that knowledge to convert users either by changing our how your website behaves or sending them a nudge via email. Bento's surveys work flawlessly with all the other tools in our suite.

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Redirect visitors based on their answers and responses

Your website is a labyrinth to most users β€” help push them in the right direction based on their answer. For example, ask a clear question such as "do you use Shopify or Stripe?" and then redirect them to a dedicated landing page for those services.
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Target based on behaviour, profiles, tags, events and more

Because all your analytics are stored within Bento, you easily target based on visitor behaviour or profile. There are literally millions of ways to make sure the right message is seen by the right person.
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Capture email addresses and trigger email marketing sequences

Let's say you have a PDF download: with Bento, you can capture the email with a survey, and then trigger an email sequence that sends them the PDF.
Hey {{ first_name }}!
This is an example of our survey widgets. They're simple, clean and fully customizable with no Bento branding.
Tag Users
Capture Emails
Redirect Based on Answers
Apply Personalizations

Flexible, lightweight, unbranded.

Ask questions when it matters

Smart marketers use Bento's surveys to ask the right questions at the right time - like at checkout, or in the cart.

Bento allows you to redirect visitors based on their answer, meaning you can take them to the right landing page for them β€” or help them resolve a question faster with a blog post. The ways you can make this work are literally endless.

If a visitor answers a question that then qualifies them for a personalization campaign, you can refresh the page instantly and apply those changes. It'll feel like magic.

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Surveys + Emails = πŸ’•

Unlike our competitors, we don’t just take the information and hand over to the email tools. The thing is, is that Bento is the email tool too. Simple and seamless, your job just became a whole lot easier.


Use liquid tags in your campaigns to make them personal

Quickly make changes to your landing pages without writing a line of code, using Bento's visual editor. In addition to making quick changes to headlines and text, you can also make CSS changes such as background color, font styles, and borders as well as inject custom Javscript code.

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This is an example of a survey that can capture emails. After an email is captured, you can tag the user and then trigger other events.

Capture email addresses in seconds

Bento allows you to ask your visitors to provide an email address that you can use in your email marketing and automation campaigns.