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Every page, personalized to your visitors in real-time, automatically.

Imagine a website where every page is tailored to the needs and wants of your visitors. Bento helps you deliver the right message at the right time, powered by our amazing event and tagging engine.

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Change any element on your web page in a few clicks without code

We'll take you to your website and allow you to edit any element using our visual editor. Change text, add images, change the order of objects, and so much more! No coding needed — but, if you want to write custom HTML, JS and CSS then go ahead. We have an editor for developers built right in.
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Target based on behaviour, profiles, tags, events and more

Because all your analytics is kept within Bento, easily target based on behaviour or profile — literally millions of ways to make sure the right message is seen by the right person.
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A/B test your changes to see impact on the entire customer journey

We've built a world class goal tracking engine that lets you map out your customer journey and see how your changes impact their ability to convert.

Imagine a world where your website that transforms to the visitor

Design once, create thousands of experiences.


A powerful visual editor with absolutely no limits

Quickly make changes to your landing pages without writing a line of code, using Bento's visual editor. In addition to making quick changes to headlines and text, you can also make CSS changes such as background color, font styles, and borders as well as inject custom Javscript code.

Know the impact of your changes across the entire funnel

Understand the impact of each campaign you run across your audiences in real time with results powered by our industry-leading A/B testing engine.