Change how your website looks, feels, and renders in real-time, based on who is viewing it and what they've done.

From detailed visitor profiles, to advanced tagging and segmenting facilities, we are able to paint a comprehensive picture on each individual customer and tailor our messaging and marketing strategies accordingly.

Tye Greene
Head of Email Marketing, VroomVroomVroom

Bento utilizes all the data and behaviour you've collected on your visitors to change how your website looks and feels.

The result? Better copy, happier customers, and other marketers wondering how you did it. Bento is your new secret weapon.

Enrich profiles using surveys and pop-ups.

  • Tag visitors based on their answers

    As your visitors answer questions, easily tag them based on their answer and leverage this in any email marketing campaign later on down the line.

  • Redirect them to relevant locations

    When a visitor answers a specific question, and they are on the wrong landing page based on their answer, redirect them to the right spot.

  • Refresh the page and apply personalizations

    Refresh the page and dynamically apply personalizations as visitors answer questions. It'll feel like magic.

Change how your website looks and feels based on who is using it.

  • Replace images, text, headlines, and more

    Change any element on the web page based on who a visitor is and what they've done. Dynamically inject variables like {{ visitor.first_name }} to make your page feel more alive to them.

  • A/B test your campaigns

    Test out ideas against each other to work out which is performing the best.

  • Explore our library of ideas

    We have a stack of interesting personalization ideas you can deploy in seconds.

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