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The best team inbox for sales and support

Bento's team inbox makes it easy for multiple people to get to inbox zero on tickets quicker than ever before.

A team inbox designed for eCommerce teams.

Whether your launching a sale to a million customers, or running a small little shop we have you covered. We've built an interface that allows you to quickly triage messages and answer them as quick as possible.

Multiple channels, one seamless thread

One conversation

Chat with each customer in a single conversation that threads together multiple communication channels. Our interface shows all the context in one simple UI.

One profile

Make fragmented customer communication a thing of the past. Rich profiles of active channels for each customer to deliver the ultimate personalized experience.

Built for speed

Clear your inbox faster than ever before. With quick shortcuts, easy conversation queuing and more — Bento's inbox is a the easiest way to stay on top of your chats and discussions.