Email marketing, without the panic.

Bento's email platform has been designed to reduce the anxiety behind sending leading to more consistency, confidence, and performance from our customers.
  • Real-time email validation to reduce bounces and spam
  • Send broadcasts in batches to maximize delivery
  • Pause broadcasts mid-send and make fixes on the fly

"Insanely powerful software, yet so easy to use.”

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Bento is more than just an email marketing tool — it’s a better way to talk to your customers. Businesses that switch to Bento send more email and have customers who are excited to read them. They see less bounces and more clicks. And they’re far less scared to hit send than ever before.

A vetted email neighbourhood.

Whilst we let any individual on to our network, we don't approve them all for sending. Each user is individually approved, by a real person, within a few hours of signing up. They're evaluated on a series of proprietary metrics that are based on the reputation of the sender. This manual process ensures that our emails get delivered at a higher rate than our competitors due to maintaining reputatable servers.

Send in batches.

It's well known that emails that are dripped out over time performed roughly 1.5x better than if they were all sent at once. With Bento's unique batching system you can divide a large broadcast into smaller, more digestable amounts over time and watch your open rates skyrocket. The best bit? You can broadcasts that are sending in batches at anytime to make live edits. No more worrying about what happens if you make a mistake after you've hit the delivery button.

Beautiful emails, easily.

We've built two powerful, feature-rich editors into Bento to enable our senders to create any email they desire. Whether you're creating abandon cart emails with our drag n' drop editor or writing a long form essay about your latest feature with our plain text editor you'll find a writers dream with us.

An always clean list.

Listbombing and spam traps have become an issue with newsletter senders across the globe leading to many businesses needing to stitch together multiple validation tools to clean their lists. Not with Bento! We include a free, powerful email validation tool that corrects mispellings, unsubscribes bad emails, and ensures you stay out of spam filters. Rest easy at night knowing your in good hands with Bento.

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