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Design an email marketing experience that you'd actually like to be on the receiving end of.

Bento gives you the email power of products like Drip, InfusionSoft, Customer.io or Mailchimp but combined with the power of an unrivalled personalisation and analytics engine. Bento syncs and utilizes more data than any other ecommerce marketing platform. Personalize automated email sequences based on customer lifetime value, happiness, tags, loyalty, and so much more.

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All the features you expect from an email marketing tool in 2019

Liquid Templating, Track Trends and Conversions, and Import HTML Templates. In terms of editing, we’ve got a Fancy Email Editor and a Plain Text Editor. If we don't have a feature your competitors have, just ask. We ship fast.
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Built to enable stress-free sending in the event of a mistake

Sometimes, automated email systems can make us feel wary: what if I make a mistake and that mistake gets broadcast? With Bento, you don’t need to worry about that. We’ve built features to Pause Live Sending and to automatically Check Templates for Spam.
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Track the return of your email marketing campaigns

We make accuracy an absolute priority here. We’ll attribute a sale to an email only if its opened, clicked and the visitor buys within 1 day. Other competitors don’t do that: they’ll attribute a sale to any order within 7 days of an email, and even if the visitor didn't open the email. This system produces figures that end up being plain wrong and manipulative. At Bento, we know that you want the real figures when tracking conversion rates.

Complete layout and style control — without any coding required


Your brand, your emails, your way.

Make your emails stand out from the competition, with our editors that allow unparallelled configuration so you can ensure your emails stand out from the crowd.

$primary-1: #375ABB;
$primary-2: #FB8F8A;
$primary-3: #1B1|
Primary 1
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Wave goodbye to email-induced stress – every feature we add is designed to make you smile

At Bento, we factor in the margin of human error so that you don’t have to. Whether it's automatically seeing if you'll land in a spam filter before you send, or even letting you stop a broadcast mid-send. We’re constantly thinking ahead.

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Pause Live Sending

Realized too late that you made a mistake in an email being broadcast to hundreds of people? No problem. This feature lets you pause – rectify – and then go back to sending. Saves headaches.

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Import Templates

Import HTML from other websites or developers straight onto Bento. Simple and efficient.

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Track Conversions

See when and how each customer completed one of your goals by following their journey through the purchasing funnel.

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Add Inbox Snippets

Set the introduction sentence for the emails you send. Sets you apart from your competitors and improves click-through rates.

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Track Behaviour

The more you know about your customer, the more personalized you can make their experience, and the more likely they are to visit again. This feature lets you gather customer intel based on their purchase intent and behaviour.

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Liquid Templating

Ensure that every email is tailored specifically to each customer. How? Simply use Bento's Liquid language to easily add {{ first_name }}, {{ last_name }} or over 85 other variables!

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