Real-time chat and SMS conversations.

Close sales, build relationships, and solve problems for the most important people in your business: your customers.

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Talk to your customers with your team from one single place. Communicate effectively and resolve customer queries fast. By having your entire team working in Bento all departments will also have greater visibility on what's going on with support leading to more empathetic collaboration

All your channels in one place.

No matter where your customers want to talk you'll be there. Connect Twilio for SMS, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more to talk to customers off-platform and chat to talk to them on your website.

iOS and Android apps.

Whether you're at your PC or out on a bike ride Bento has an app to make sure you never miss an important message on the go. Easily respond to customers from any device with our easy to use applications.

Canned responses and replies.

Never type up an original response to a regular question again. With saved replies easily use our slash commands on your reply box and provide faster responses to frequently asked questions.

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